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Monster Knits Giveaway!

May 2nd, 2014

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Update: Congratulations to our winners, Helena T., Mariela S., and Barb S.! Check your email for a message from us about collecting your prizes!

We’ve partnered up with St. Martin’s Press and Nuriya Khegay to bring you an adorably cute giveaway!

Monster Knits for Little Monsters features themed hats, mittens, and bootie sets to knit for the special little guy or girl in your life! Dress them up as a robot, a shark, a frog or even a cute pig!

We’re picking 3 lucky winners to win copies of the book. The Funky Frog is now available on our website to sample before you before checking out the book.

Contest ends May 8th.

1. Entries must be received by May 8th, 11:59:59 pm, EST.
2. Must be 18 or older to enter.
3. One entry per person.


ENTER NOW! (click here if you cannot see entry form below)

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  • Naomi Pliskie Berry

    How do I enter the contest for the monster knits? I filled out name and email, but there is nothing to click after to enter.

    • Victoria Paige Welch

      How do you enter?

      • Danielle Holke

        Try this link if you can’t see the submission form above:

        • Naomi Pliskie Berry

          Danielle, I am subscribed to lion brand. I had to click that I wasnt subscribed so I could enter. I did that yesterday. When I tried to enter and clicked that I Was a subscriber, there was no enter button. I dont know, maybe its fixed now.

          • Danielle Holke

            Thanks Naomi, I’m not able to replicate that but will keep a watch on it.

  • Maria Sessa

    Hi, Danielle;

    I guess I am one of the winners (Mariela S.) but could not find the message from you about collecting the prize. I changed my computer during those days and I could not import all the messages from the old account server. Can you please confirm I am the winner?
    Thank you,

    • Danielle Holke

      Hi Maria, the winner’s name is “Mariela” and she accepted the prize – better luck next time! Thanks for checking in …

      • Maria Sessa

        Thank you, but my name is also Mariela, But if you say that she already accepted the prize, then it must be another Mariela S. I guess you have checked the surname and it does not match mine. Thank you anyway.