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Yarn Bomb Spotted in Brooklyn

July 7th, 2014

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Over the weekend I spotted this yarn bomb under a Brooklyn highway as I was walking back home. As soon as I saw it I had to take a picture – not only because it was made out of yarn but I instantly recognized the person behind this mysterious yarn art.

This cute, cartoon style belongs to none other than local crochet artist, London Kaye, who is known for her unique street art pieces (she even yarnbombed an entire subway train for Valentine’s Day).  According to her blog and Instagram it was originally done last month in honor of International Yarn Bomb Day.

Great job London Kaye!

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  • LuAnne

    This is my granddaughter about 2 yrs. ago in Springfield, IL. My daughter isn’t a fiber artist, but was delighted when saw this tree (“Mom could do that!”) she had to get a picture for me.

    • LuAnne

      I tried uploading a photo using the button below, but it didn’t work. Tried again and here it is.

      • me again

        OK!! This is strange. It was there & now it isn’t. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?!?!?

        • Zoë Williams

          Hi LuAnne. I’m sorry you’re experiencing difficulties posting an image! I just tried posting one myself and it worked fine, so it’s possible that there is something wrong with your image. Was it a very large file? If so, try resizing and saving for web as a .jpg file.

          • Lorraine Beaulieu-Dubzak

            I live in Philadelphia,Pa and,saw a yarn bom in center city and,wasn’t sure what it was but ,thought it was cool that someone took the time to kit something for a phone booth.I think I might have a picture somewere in my stash.