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Cute Alert! Finger-Knit a Set of Adorable Animal Ears With Audra Kurtz

July 25th, 2014

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This week, Audra Kurtz shows you how to finger knit these adorable animal ears with Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. The animal ears are great props for a newborn baby photo shoot, for Halloween, costume parties, and more!

Check out Audra’s easy tutorial below:

If you enjoyed Audra’s tutorial, check out her YouTube channel, The Kurtz Corner!

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  • Brandy Java Boley

    These are so cute!!! How did you get the black tips on the fox ears?

    • Audra Kurtz

      Hi Brandy! To get the black tips I switched out the yarn while knitting. When you’re ready to add in the black yarn, while the orange yarn is still on your fingers, cut the orange yarn and tie a simple knot with the black yarn to the orange yarn and continue knitting. Then when you’re ready to switch back simply cut the black yarn and tie the orange on to the black yarn using a simple not. Very simple!

  • VickiC

    How do you make the ears pointed?