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How To Crochet A Classic Granny Square

All these fancy granny squares are fun and beautiful, but this time I’m taking it back to basics with the classic granny square. These basic grannies can be worked using a different color for each round (a great way to use up scrap yarns and stash!) or with a solid color. Each 6″ x 6″…

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6 Beginner Friendly Baby Blankies to Knit & Crochet

Making baby things is very satisfying. There’s a few reasons for this: The items are small, so it’s [nearly] instant gratification The most simple shapes and stitches look adorable made that small Babies can’t tell you they don’t like the color you picked If you’re gauge is off and you make the item too large…

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Learn To Knit: 5 References That Will Get You Started Stitching!

There’s an abundance of information out there on the Internet and that includes plenty of references for knitting as well. However, that doesn’t always mean that finding what you’re looking for is easy, so we’ve done a little detective work for you. Below is a list of sources for tutorials and videos that will get…

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