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80 Blankets: Piles of Pineapples

The yarn combination on this one might seem a little surprising. I took a 100% polyester chenille-esq yarn and paired it with an 90/10 acrylic/mohair blend. Weird? Maybe, but it works! The combination is a soft yet substantial fabric. Even though the stitch I’m using is very open I think the resulting blanket will still…

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My Life In Yarn: Rachel Gutshall

Rachel Gutshall from Lincoln, DE, USA on Instagram as @warming.the.heart What is your favorite Lion Brand Yarn? Comfy Cotton Blend How did you come to learn yarn crafts and do you remember who taught you? I came to yarn and crochet seven years ago through my best gal pal and partner-in-craft, Rebekah Bowers. I was…

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80 Blankets: Sparkling Waves

What a luscious combination! If you love sparkles and a little bit of velvet than you’ll love this pairing of Lion Brand Vel-Luxe and Winter Nights. Both yarns are worsted weight (CYC4), but held together they become a nice super bulky. I used a size 11.5mm crochet hook and finished this 45″ x 45″ blanket…

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