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About Petrina

What do you do at Lion Brand?
I was recently hired as the Marketing Content Coordinator.  I will be working with the Marketing Team to help manage and create content for the Lion Brand blogs, newsletters, and website.

When did you start working at Lion Brand?
I started September 9, 2013.  I never knew there was so much to learn about the crafting industry and Lion Brand, but I’m having a great time so far!

What type of knitter/crocheter are you?
I do both.  Crocheting has become second-nature to me.  As for knitting, I’m still stuck in the scarf-making phase but I’m looking to improve.  Last winter, I knitted with double-pointed needles for the first time.   My mother taught me to crochet and knit, but I didn’t fully embrace both crafts until my freshmen year of college.  Now it’s been a great way to keep calm and relieve stress, as well as make unique gifts for both friends and family.

What do you do when you are not working at Lion Brand?
I’m usually working on a new crochet project or teaching myself a new stitch.  Other days I will be working on a collection of short stories I’m writing or exploring new parts of New York City with my husband.  I’ve lived here for quite a while, but I’m still amazed that you can still find new places to visit all the time.