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Get Ideas and Inspiration on Your Commute with YarnCraft!

July 8th, 2009

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This summer, we are featuring shorter 20-minute episodes of our YarnCraft podcast, along with a special series, Summer Crafting with Kids, filled with tips for parents, teachers, scout leaders, camp counselors and babysitters for crafting with kids.

Load episodes onto your MP3 player, just like you would a song or audio-book and listen to episodes on the go. It makes for a perfect commuter companion, whether your hands are busy with yarn or not. Our most recent episodes?

YarnCraft Episode 44 :: Easy Ways to Sell Your Knit & Crochet Goods Locally
The latest YarnCraft episode is all about simple ways to sell your knit & crochet goods and make a little extra cash from this hobby. Click here for this episode guide.

Summer Crafting with Kids Episode 03 :: Teach Your Kids to Knit & Crochet
Our most recent Kids episode focuses on tips and techniques for teaching your kids to knit and crochet, from finger knitting and crochet to supplies to rhymes, we have great suggestions. Click here for the episode guide.

Summer Crafting with Kids Episode 02 :: Have Fun with Group Craft Projects
Get ideas for crafting with kids in groups, whether it’s for day camp, a birthday party, or just a group session on the blog, there are all sorts of fun and creative things that your kids can make with yarn. Click here for this episode guide.

Want to listen? Just go to the iTunes store and search for “YarnCraft” OR go to the episode guides above to listen to the episodes online. For those who want to load them to your MP3 player, but you don’t use iTunes or another podcatcher: right-click (Ctrl+click on Macs) the “Direct Download” link at the bottom of the episode guides to save them to your computer, then load them onto your MP3 player like a song or audio-book.

5 Beautiful Beach Patterns from YarnCraft #42

June 9th, 2009

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Make Stylish Projects for Summer & Quick Grad Gifts. Episode 42 of YarnCraft, our audio podcast, is the first of our shorter-format summer series — great for listening to on the go or for taking a 15-minute mini-break for yourself.

Liz and Zontee share great ideas for summer crafting, as well as special graduation gifts. The ladies of YarnCraft also share interviews with designer Lily Chin and the charity organization afghans for Afghans.

Here are 5 great projects for beach season:

For more summer project ideas, click here to listen to the full episode [MP3].

Join us today for the first of our summer miniseries, Summer Crafting with Kids. Click here to find out more.

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Spend the Summer with YarnCraft

June 3rd, 2009

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YarnCraft, our radio-style audio-podcast, is changing its format for the summer! Take a few minutes for yourself to enjoy our yarncraftings tips and secrets for 15 minutes every week.

We’ll be alternating our regular episodes with a special miniseries, Summer Crafting with Kids, which starts on June 9th. Create a family crafting corner and get great ideas for your children’s summer vacation.

Check out the YarnCraft page every Tuesday for a new episode this summer, or subscribe through iTunes.

Find Us on Ravelry

May 19th, 2009

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Are you a member of Ravelry? In addition to sharing your projects made with Lion Brand patterns and Lion Brand yarns, you can also join groups and connect with other yarncrafters with similar interests. We’ve got some great groups where you can share your projects, ideas, pictures, and more!

Want to know more about Ravelry? It’s a knitting and crocheting community that features forums, patterns, yarn information, and more. Sign up for free at

5 Gifts for Bridesmaids from YarnCraft Episode 40

May 13th, 2009

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Amigurumi Little Wedding CakeStart crafting for those summer weddings! In episode 40 of YarnCraft, our bi-weekly audio podcast, Liz and I share the perfect projects for wedding, whether the bride is your family member, your friend, or yourself! From bags and shrugs to afghans and amigurumi, we have great tips for making the big day extra special. We also share great questions and comments from listeners, as well as talk all about dyeing your own yarns.

Here are five great patterns that make great bridesmaid gifts/wedding party favors:

To listen to this episode, click here [MP3]. For more information about the podcast or this episode, visit the YarnCraft blog.

Join us next Tuesday for an episode about men who yarncraft and gifts for guys, with plenty of time until Father’s Day!