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Be Happy! It’s World Smile Day!

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Be Happy! It’s World Smile Day!

October 6, 2017 is World Smile Day. We can always use a little happiness and today is dedicated to reminding us to be happy, smile, and spread that happiness by doing acts of kindness for others. As a yarn crafter, perhaps this means taking time out from your personal crafting to do a little charity work for an organization like Warm Up America or the Snuggles Project, to name just two. (Links will take you to posts discussing the charities and items they accept.)

The [free] patterns below are small and whimsical and meant to put a small on your face. Work them up and keep them as a reminder or pass them on to brighten up someone else’s day.


The following patterns can be knit using your favorite yarns. Most suggest a yarn weight, but since these are no items that will be worn, the finished size isn’t a concern. Therefore, pick what you like best and go from there! All patterns listed are free!

Bluebird of Happiness


Craft: Knitting
Designer: Sara Elizabeth Kellner

Happy Sunflower


Craft: Crochet
Designer: J. H. Winter

Smiling Sun


Craft: Crochet
Designer: Teresa Alvarez

Happy Frogs

happy frog

Craft: Crochet
Designer: Suzielah Rahmad

Rocky’s Bluebird of Happiness

world smile day

Craft: Knitting
Designer: Valerie Johnson

Smiling Flower

world smile day

Craft: Crochet
Designer: Lonemer Creations

Happy Fried Egg

world smile day

Craft: Knitting
Designer: Ala Ela

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