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Welcoming Spring by Creating Your Own Colors

I don’t know about where you live, but spring seems to be a bit slow in fully coming out this year in New York City. It’s the beginning of May and it feels like the beginning of April right now with cool temps and lots of rain. In a recent newsletter, we featured a special…

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Seen in the Yarniverse: Creating Recyclable Bags

For some of us (especially New Yorkers), getting 10 plastic bags at a grocery store is not an unusual thing. If you’re doing that every week for a year, you’ve collected a lot of plastic bags. Some of you might not know what to do with all of these excess bags, and some may also…

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Question and Answer – Substituting Yarn

Q – I found a pattern that I love but it is designed with Wool-Ease and I’m giving it as a gift to someone who is highly allergic to wool. Can you please suggest an alternate yarn that will work with this pattern? A – You can find a list of yarns that can be…

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