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My Life In Yarn: Molly Margaret Sydnor

Molly Margaret Sydnor is a featured artist in Intangible, a Craft Yarn Council fiber art installation. Created in collaboration with The Sweet Tooth Hotel. Molly is a weaver, painter, and experimental fashion designer. @mollymargaretdesigner

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When 80 Blankets Became 125

If you’ve been following along with my #80Blankets posts then you already know a piece of my story. In case this is our first meeting, let me share some of the blanket history. My wedding was scheduled for December 2020. (“Was” being the key word in this sentence.) We planned to have our ceremony outdoors…

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My Go-To Blanket Stitch: The Wavy Chevron

One stitch pattern in particular has become my go-to, my buddy, my best friend and it’s the wavy chevron. It’s classic ripple stitch goodness that works with just about all yarns no matter what the weight or texture. So far I’ve worked this pattern using Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Totally Tubular, Feels Like Butta with Mandala Roving, Feels Like Butta with …

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