Did You Know…Some of Our Most Popular Yarns Are Made in the USA

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Did You Know…Some of Our Most Popular Yarns Are Made in the USA

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Beautiful fibers come from all over the world, so we at Lion Brand travel the world to bring you fibers that you’ll love. We bring you Superwash Merino Cashmere and LB Collection® Cashmere from Italy, whose mills are known for luxurious yarns and fabrics. We bring you LB Collection® Baby Alpaca from Peru, where they’ve been raising them for thousands of years, and also LB Collection® Wool Stainless Steel from Japan, where the yarn culture is always cutting edge.

But did you know that some of our most popular yarns like Homespun and Hometown USA are made in the USA? In fact, the mill that makes Homespun and Holiday Homespun is a wonderful, historic facility in New Hampshire that was built in 1864 and running on hydroelectric power since 1915. I’ve visited the mill a few times myself, and you can read about one of my visits by clicking here.

Made in the USA

Our current yarns made in the USA include (updated 6/1/2013):

There are so many wonderful fibers from so many incredible yarn cultures, but for those of you who are looking for USA-made products, we hope that you’ll consider these yarn lines.

The pattern shown above is the knit Lion Country Afghan; click here to see the pattern on LionBrand.com.

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  • Yay!  In an era where it is increasingly difficult to buy products made in the US with US materials, it is good to know there are still great things out there for us to choose from to support our country and help strengthen our economy!

  • This is GREAT news!

  • Now I have yarn added to my Made in America List. Building and using the list for my purchases!!

  • thanks for the info…..<3

  • Thank you for advertising this.  I try to buy ‘made in the usa’ as often as possible.  I will carry this list with me in my purse.

  • So good to hear that we still have something Made In America!  I will be sure to use only these yarns as I firmly believe it is best to do whatever we can to promote America.  Let China take care of it’s own…we’ve done enough!

  • Please keep moving your lines to the United States, and soon 100% of your products made here would be an admirable goal!   I buy the Lion Brand Fisherman yarns for my socks, a LOT of it…. and would LOVE to know I was supporting US workers! 

  •  Only 11? Why not all?  It doesn’t really become a selling point until they are ALL made in America.  Just sayin’…

    •  Hi Gaia, thanks for your feedback. Like I said above, we are continuing to add more options made in the USA. However, since we want to carry a wide variety of fibers, styles of yarn, and price-points to suit many different knitters and crocheters, we do manufacture in countries where that have expertise in specific styles, proximity to raw materials, etc. 

  • why don’t you make all your yarn in the USA? Seems like you are trying to make a big deal out of only 11? What about all the other yarns that could be made here giving people and communities jobs and money that is needed, instead of giving it to some other country?

    •  Hi Heather, because we want to carry a wide variety of fibers, styles of yarn, and different price-points to suit many different knitters and crocheters, we source from a variety of countries that have expertise in specific styles, infrastructure, proximity to raw materials, etc.

      We often get questions from conscientious knitters about which of our yarns are made in the US so that they can keep them in mind as they shop. That was my goal with this blog post. As I stated above, we are working to introduce more American-made products, and we hope that in the meantime, you’ll keep the ones listed in mind as you shop for American-made products.

  • I wish more was made here in the USA.  I look for the label!!  Purchasing yarn that is made offshore (especially from Turkey) is a last resort for me.  I enjoy working with the Lion Brand yarns and more of “Made in the USA” would be most welcomed!!

  • Ever since Fisherman’s wool production was moved overseas, the quality is junk.  I bought 3 skeins (different dye lots and colors) and each time I tried to knit with them, my nose got so itchy I couldn’t use it.  I take decongestant, allergy medicine and nasal spray, and there is no reason I should still have such a strong reaction.  I hope you move it back to the U.S. so I can start using it again!

    •  Hi Ashley, after our original source of Fishermen’s Wool was no longer available, we worked closely with our overseas source to make sure to match the product as closely as possible. However, we understand that each person may have different sensitivities to different products. We always want you to be satisfied with your Lion Brand purchases, so if you ever need assistance or have feedback about our products, please email our Customer Service team at support@lionbrand.com so that they can address any issues.

    • I agree with Ashley, some of the yarns coming in from overseas, have a fine power or something in them that is horrible.  I also have to stop using them, and even the chemicals they use to help clean and process the yarns must be different.
      Please move your processing back to the USA for safer yarns.

  • Glad to know that some of your yarns are made here and like others have stated I hope that more will be added to the “Made in USA” list soon.  I do check the labels for American made when I buy yarn.

  • I agree that Made in the USA is important and something I look for when I buy, but Zontee makes a good point that there are many wonderful yarn cultures all over the world. I don’t want to support factories that use child labor or have unsafe/inhumane working conditions, but if non-American yarn that Lion sells helps to lift up other communities and economies, I’d like to know about that too. A strong global economy helps the USA too!

  • Good to know that my current fav yarn (Homespun) is made in the USA. Like the others, it would be great if more if not all were manufactured here…..

  • So, these 11 yarns make what percentage of your total line of yarns?

  • During an online order, I clicked for just one skein of Vanna’s Colors, you know, to get the feel of it, since I have not seen it in stores. Oh my, that hat sure did knit up nice. I’m glad to know such nice quality yarn is still happening in our good ol’ US of A.

  • I’m in Canada, and most of the yarn I get is made in Canada, but imported fiber from elsewhere. Although, there is a lot of yarn here from the US, which is better than overseas.

  • For our Proud to be Union family the important thing is they are made under good working conditions with workers being paid a living wage.  Would like to see an article in your catalog showing who and where products are being made so we can make informed choices.

  • I am very glad to read this post!!!!! The first thing I look for is MADE IN USA.   I have been have allergy issues with some of the yarns for some of the other countrys.  I have given several skeins away because I could not use them.  I have started my own list of made in USA with your post, and will pass your USA yarns on to others.

  • I love that some yarns are made in the USA, but what is the source of the raw materials? I need to know that as well for all yarns that I purchase.

  • Please continue to add more yarns made in the U.S.A.

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  • so excited i found this article, this is great to hear! going to start using these lines now =)

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  • Are the baby yarns made in the USA?

    • Hi Gina, only the yarn lines specifically listed above are currently made in America. For baby projects, I’d recommend the Nature’s Choice Organic Cotton and the Heartland yarns for some nice options. Hope that helps!

  • That’s good to know because not only is it good to support our own economy, but it’s good to support USA made products because foreign products are often made by people in cramped factories with poor working conditions. We are so rich compared to them and companies basing there also wreck the environment (China’s polluted water). US companies need to start taking responsibility for their overseas products or we should just buy things made in the USA so we’ll quit polluting other countries.

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