Presenting the #BonbonBears by AllAboutAmi!

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Presenting the #BonbonBears by AllAboutAmi!

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Sweet golly, look at these #BonbonBears! Ahh! Too cute, AmiRight?

(It’s the #BonbonBear Gang’s World… You just crochet in it.)

You Can Get a Lot of Life from a Little Bonbon!

Just when I thought it was going to be a mopey Wednesday, in swoops Stephanie from AllAboutAmi to brighten up the day with these colorful, cuddly, clever creations. I will admit that I am absolutely fascinated with Lion Brand’s Bonbons and the amount of creative inspiration that can come from just 10 grams of lovable yarn. Stephanie seems to feel the same way.

“I thought they looked so cute and I was itching to use them for a project!” says the amigurumi guru. “The first thought that came to mind was to use them for amigurumi, and I thought it would be so neat to be able to make one ami per bonbon, with the possibility of 8 different amigurumi with one set!”  I just love Stephanie’s ability to breathe life into even the smallest amount of yarn, unlocking the cuteness potential of each little Bonbon!

Flat Is The New Round

But Stephanie’s innovative approach to these Bonami (chuckles? anyone?) doesn’t end there. Unlike the usually globular, space-hungry proportions associated with amigurumi, Stephanie thought “it would be cute to make a flat teddy that could be attached to a keychain and toted wherever you go!”

(Listen, guys, you know I’m going to Make. Your. Keys. Look. Great.)

Get Your Bonbon On! Save Big On Little Bonbons Till August 5. 

In honor of Stephanie’s inventive creation, for a limited time only (two weeks, in fact)  we have dropped the price of our Bonbons to $5.99!  Until August 5th, 2016 you can get Beach and Nature Bonbons at $5.99 per pack. Look at ’em!


So what are you waiting for? Grab a couple packages of Lion Brand Bonbons (Stephanie used the “beach” colorway) and head over to for a detailed step-by-step with Stephanie’s usual mix of clear, fun prose, amazing photography, and inventive imagination! The pattern is free on her site, or you can buy an INEXPENSIVE AD-FREE PDF of this pattern on Etsy HERE!

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