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Yarn Bombing the Streets of LA

August 31st, 2012

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This summer, artist Ellen Schinderman curated an exhibit in Los Angeles called “Home Is Where the Needle Marks”, showcasing fiber art and exploring the home sphere. Working with Lion Brand yarns, Ellen and her cohorts yarn-bombed several areas of LA as part of the Downtown LA Artwalk to draw attention to the fiber arts. Recently, she shared these photos with us:

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Plus, the group of knitters and crocheters who helped Ellen create all of the colorful, textural pieces will be taking all of their leftover yarn and making hats and scarves for homeless in their community.

Have you yarn-bombed something in your community? Tell us about  it in the comments!

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A Lion Brand Exclusive: Behind the Scenes of Our Offices in NYC

August 30th, 2012

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If you follow Lion Brand on Twitter or Facebook, you’ll sometimes find behind scenes images from photoshoots, upcoming yarn releases – or even pictures of some of the staff crafting, or at events. Today, I’d like to share with you a few “behind the scenes” images from our offices in the New York City location.  We recently invited a few of our favorite craft bloggers to spend a day with us at our Lion Brand offices, and I’d like to share a few of their images that capture some of the creativity and inspiration at Lion Brand.

Design DepartmentKristy from Glass Posse captured this image of Karen Tanaka, the Creative Director of our Design Department.  Karen was sharing some of the Design Department’s mood boards and inspirations. Lion and WalrusHaley from The Zen of Making captured an image of these cute stuffed animals, which were featured in past window displays.  The Lion can be seen here from the Studio’s 1st window display in 2008.


9 Tips on How to Get Your Crafting Organized & Keep It That Way!

August 29th, 2012

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Getting craft supplies organized tends to fall to the bottom of my to do list, “After all,” I think, “it’ll just get messy again as soon as I make something, why bother?” But sooner or later the time comes to clear up all the yarn, organize the hooks and needles, and stow all fabric, glitter and crafting supplies away. Good organization can help us make beautiful, useful projects; after all, crafting is much easier when you know where to look for supplies, and can tell right away if you’re running out of something or need to go out and get a new tool.

Here are some tips to help you get organized and, just as importantly, stay organized all year long!

Give everything a home: Things can’t be put away without a home, but more importantly, homeless tools and supplies are almost always difficult to find when you need them. Tired of retracing your crafting steps to try to remember where your shears or glue gun has gone? Then giving these tools a home could be the solution.

Consider labeling: Lots of folks love handwritten labels or using a label maker, but what if you don’t like traditional labels? How about using a small picture of what you’re putting inside? Tassels of yarn on decorative bins, or paper samples on the edge of scrap booking boxes tell you exactly what’s inside with a visual examples.

First Scarf Favorites; 8 Easy Patterns in Knit & Crochet

August 27th, 2012

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If you’ve recently learned to knit or crochet or are looking for gift inspirations, I’ve got a selection of a few of our favorite knit and crochet scarf patterns that are great for beginner and experienced yarncrafters alike. The scarf selections below utilize basic stitch patterns, which are perfect for getting more practice and improving your skills; if you’re a more advanced knitter or crocheter, these patterns will be helpful suggestions for knocking out quick gifts for women, children and men.


Basic Scarf
Basic Scarf is perfect for practicing the stockinette and garter stitch simultaneously.  This pattern also makes for a great unisex scarf.
Rustic Ribbed Scarf
Rustic Ribbed (Hat) and Scarf is another great unisex pattern that allows you to practice knit and purl combinations, which gives the scarf a ribbed look.
Fall River Scarf
Fall River Scarf is a classic scarf that’s perfect for practicing your stockinette stitch.  Knit in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, this scarf will work up quickly.
Garter Scarf
The Garter Scarf is great for working on your gauge and tension.  A self-striping yarn is perfect for garter stitch because you’ll have fun waiting to see what color appears next.


Cosmic Color Scarf
Practice double crochet stitches with the Cosmic Color scarf in Amazing.  The double crochet stitches add a great texture to the scarf.
Slate Grey Scarf
Crocheting through the back loop gives the Slate Grey Scarf a defined ribbed look.
Glitzy Accent Scarf
Glitzy Accent Scarf allows you to try a new yarn weight by crocheting with a sportweight yarn. Crochet in Vanna’s Glamour to make a lightweight scarf that sparkles.
Flights of Fancy Scarf
The Flights of Fancy Scarf is great for trying a lace-like pattern.  Crocheted in the worsted weight Nature’s Choice Organic, you’ll love the drape and feel of this super soft scarf.

What type of stitch do you find yourself using for fast and simple projects? Share with us in the comments.

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9 Back to School Projects for Teachers

August 23rd, 2012

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It’s back to school season! Start the school year off right with a yarncrafted classroom. These projects are perfect for any educator, so get your yarn ready. Click each image to view the pattern.

Knit Felted School Colors Laptop Sleeve
This laptop sleeve helps keep computers and tablets safe. You can also use it to store textbooks!
Yarn Wrapped Desk Organizers
Keep track of your office supplies with yarn wrapped organizers.
Fall Nesting Bowls
Nesting bowls help keep your desk neat and tidy. Use them to store paperclips, office supplies, or sweet treats.
Felted Acorn Pencil Case
Store your pencils or chalk in this sturdy felted case.
Greenmarket Lunch Bag
Always keep track of your lunch with this reusable lunch bag.
Super Summer Backpack
Keep all of your school supplies in one handy place with this handy bag.
Amigurumi Apple
Every teacher deserves an apple, and this crocheted one will last for years!
Wise Owl Toy
This owl will watch over the wisdom of your classroom.
Amigurumi Bookworm
A bookworm’s place is in the classroom!

How are you using yarncrafting this school year? Be sure to share in the comments!

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