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5 Free Sweater Patterns to Snuggle Up This Fall

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5 Free Sweater Patterns to Snuggle Up This Fall

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You know those times when you end up with the perfect yarn and no design, so you end up spending long hours of browsing through pattern databases? Well, if it’s snuggly bulky sweaters you’re in search of then hopefully this list of 5 free sweater patterns will help!

1. Betina Cardigan

The Betina cardigan is an easy/beginner knit worked up in the fan favorite Wool-Ease Thick & Quick® yarn. The stripes could easily be replaced by one solid color or maybe work larger blocks of color.

2. The Dagny Pullover

The mix of Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® and Homespun® Thick & Quick® yarns give this tone-on-tone knit sweater textural interest. Maybe try substituting the Homespun® Thick & Quick® color for an accent color that pops against the neutral background.

3. Folke Pullover

Loving more than one color? Try out some super bulky colorwork with the Folke pullover!

4. The Carina Cardigan

Crochet the Carina cardigan in the super bulky easy-care Hometown USA yarn. You can also try this cardi in another CYC6. Just make sure you have the correct amount of yardage since not all yarn skeins are the same length!

5. Bridgeport Cardigan

OK, so this one isn’t in bulky yarn, but it still looks pretty snuggle-worthy. Touch of Alpaca® adds a touch of warmth and elegance to this cozy open-front cardigan.

Do You have a favorite sweater pattern for Fall weather? Let us know!

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  • I have been a traditional knitter for fifty years. Tried bulky yarn, and it just doesn’t cut it. Projects out of bulky yarn don’t last as long under every day use. That said love your wool-ease , all weights. The new heat yarn should b great.

  • Free sweater patterns. Nine are for men. This is almost aways true. As it is on most knitting, fabrics and textile sites.

  • Thank you for the free patterns. I love Lion Brand wool and use it in many of my projects. Currently knitting slippers and dog coats and they look fantastic.

  • Dagny pullover, et al: Beautiful scenery (Ireland?), pretty models, but can’t we have a full picture of the garment, up close, to see the details: neckline, shoulders, sleeves, body, pattern. Love the Wool-ease line, it’s my “go-to” choice!

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