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6 Beginner Friendly Baby Blankies to Knit & Crochet

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6 Beginner Friendly Baby Blankies to Knit & Crochet

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Making baby things is very satisfying. There’s a few reasons for this:

  • The items are small, so it’s [nearly] instant gratification
  • The most simple shapes and stitches look adorable made that small
  • Babies can’t tell you they don’t like the color you picked
  • If you’re gauge is off and you make the item too large it’s ok, they’ll just grow into it!
  • The act of just being able to make something for a precious baby is fulfilling all on its on

Lots of people are drawn to knitting and/or crochet specifically because they want to make something for a special baby in their lives. Below is a list of 3 crochet and 3 knit baby blankies that a newbie can start right away!

Crochet Blankies

1 – Sweet Baby Blankie

This simple sweet blankie is crocheted in Ice Cream® yarn. Choose your favorite flavor!

2 – Crochet Baby Afghan

This crochet baby afghan is worked in squares of color that are joined together. The original yarn has been discontinued, but any CYC 3 yarn will do! Or use a CYC 4 for a slightly larger blankie.

3 – Calle Baby Afghan

The Calle Blankie is for the slightly more adventurous beginner who has a project or two under their belt. Worked in Feels Like Butta yarn, this blankie will be a favorite to snuggle with!

Knit Blankies

4 – Plush Striped Baby Blankie

The Plush Striped Baby Blankie is worked from Baby Soft Boucle yarn. This super snuggly textured yarn hides any mistakes! Accidentally purl instead of knit? No worries!

5 – Cuddly Soft Baby Afghan

The Cuddly Soft Afghan works up fast in the bulky Cute As A Button yarn. And there are lots of fun cheerful colors to choose from!

6 – Simple Diagonal Baby Afghan

When you want a little something more than a straight back and forth rectangle you can try this diagonal blankie. The Ice Cream® yarn does all the striping work for you!

BONUS PATTERN: No Hooks Or Needles!

Haven’t quite gotten around to learning how to knit or crochet? The Dexter Baby Blankie is made using Off The Hook yarn. No hook or needles necessary! Everyone will think you’ve learned to knit. We won’t tell!

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  • I have tried several of your yarns in recent months, but I have found many acrylic yarns to be scratchy. Then I tried Heartland thick and quick in Katmai. I purchased 18 skeins to make a large blanket. OMG…this product is so soft and cushy, and absolutely amazing to work with. Equally awesome is how my project is looking now that it’s nearly finished. My only concern is …why can I find more? It appears Joann’s (stores and online) has been out of it for several weeks. I’d love to make more projects with Katmai. Well done in creating this yarn…I would love to see more colors since it’s such a dream to use.

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