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8 Fast Projects With Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

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8 Fast Projects With Wool-Ease Thick & Quick

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I love fine yarns and delicate lace. Relaxing with tea and watching the wispy strands become something elegant and intricate. (It’s a very picturesque scene I’m envisioning here, by the way.) On the flip side, I also love instant gratification projects, super bulky yarns, big needles, and finished pieces I can snuggle in on cool days.

Being that it’s October, I’ve been more focused on the big-yarn projects. I feel the [self induced] pressure to create warm pieces before the temps get too frigid. If you can relate then you might enjoy the list of kits* below. Or browse through all our FREE PATTERNS & KITS in Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn.

*The links below point to kits available on Kits include a copy of the pattern and yarn to complete the project in your desired size. To find the pattern only please visit the designer’s website. You can find this information by clicking the links to the Lion Brand kit page and scrolling down to the design information area (below the overview section).

Knit These Fast

Big Knit Half Fisherman Rib Scarf

An oversized, cozy, cream colored scarf perfect to go with any outfit. The thick texture and wool fiber is sure to keep you both warm and stylish. Feel free to modify this pattern any way that you’d like! Simply cast on stitches in a multiple of 2 + 1 and follow the stitch pattern provided. By casting on fewer or more stitches and knitting for more or less rows, you can make this scarf exactly the size that you want.

“The Huggle” Hooded Cowl

This simple rib and stockinette piece screams cozy warmth. And those pom poms for the added touch. It’s fast, fun, and functional!

Scandinavian Knit Hat and Scarf Set

This cozy hat features bold yet simple colorwork designs reminiscent of classic Fair Isle and Scandinavian style. Cozy as can be, this modern woolly hat will keep you warm on the coldest of winter days. This cozy Nordic inspired infinity scarf features bold colorwork designs and an ultra-warm fabric. The classic Fair Isle stitching and snowflake patterns are perfect for wearing during the cold winter months. A wonderful project if you’d like to try knitting colorwork for the first time!

Cozy Celtic Raglan

Watch out! Your wardrobe just got a new favorite sweater. This Cozy Celtic Raglan includes traveling cables, a scrumptious jumbo cowl and an oversized body that’s to die for. A little high fashion and a little bit home style, it’s the perfect sweater to lounge about in on the weekends, or to head out for a bit of shopping with the gal pals. Inspired by my love for Celtic knots and top down raglan style sweaters, this piece is perfect for both fall and winter.

Crochet These Fast

Wintertide Throw

Full of texture, bobbles, and knit-like stitching, this warm winter throw is the ultimate in comfort and style. The various stitch patterns will keep your attention as you make it and the super bulky yarn lends to a quick project. Cuddle up under the squishiest, boho inspired winter blanket you’ve ever made!

Cumulus Cowl

Engulf yourself in squishy bobbles with the delightful Cumulus Cowl. Inspired by fluffy clouds seen from an airplane window, the texture of this neck warmer provides the ultimate cozy warmth.

Winds of the Atlantic Topper

This crochet takes on the knit Mont Blanc Cardigan brings a more structured silhouette with a lengthened body and the addition of pockets. The dense, shielding fabric adds warmth to the body, leaving the arms free. This is an effortless piece to throw on over a turtleneck or light jacket.

3-Hour Mittens

Whether you’re headed to the backcountry or just back to the coffee shop, these chunky mittens will keep your hands toasty warm like the mitts your grandma used to make. While they look like knit stockinette, they’re actually crochet! The simple pattern works up in about three hours, making these mittens a go-to handmade gift this holiday season.

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  • Hello and Good morning,
    I love the fingerless gloves pictured above. Can you please share where to purchase or get this pattern?

    Lolly Covarrubias

  • I object, strenuously, to Lion Brand’s apparent focus on selling kits, to the exclusion of offering the kit pattern without the yarn. As an example, the Wintertide Throw in this article: the pattern costs, essentially, $75.99 – because that’s the cost of the yarn (possibly plus the appropriate hook, yarn needle, scissors, and tape measure). Sorry, but that’s just a little on the outrageous side of steep. What does it take to just get the pattern? And I would prefer not to pay for the pattern alone, either. Free is my normal price!

  • Was so excited to see more than 1 or 2 knit patterns finally instead of nearly all crochet, but neither my daughters, daughter-in-law, or any of the 3 teen-age granddaughters liked any of the knit patterns! “Seriously weird” was the most frequent comment.

  • How do we get just the pattern for the crochet items?? I’m interested in the first item the blanket??

  • Where can I find the pattern for the fingerless gloves in the Wool Ease Thick & Quick ad?

  • Can I order Wintertide Throw pattern without buying the whole kit?

    • Most of the designers offer the kit patterns on their own websites. You can find the website of each designer by clicking the link and scrolling down to the information section.

  • Ditto, Anne Phillip’s! Where is the fingerless glove pattern in the picture at the beginning of this article, please?

  • For Anne, the fingerless glove pattern is here:

  • Anne Phillips, I’d like to find that too!! So if you’ve found it, please let me know.

  • Mitts are located here;
    Free pattern

  • Anne & Patty – are these the gloves you are wondering about?

  • Is this what you’re looking for?

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