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Let’s crochet a Sabrina Tunic … announcing your 2015 Summer Crochet-Along with host Elena Ramshaw Hunt!

June 18th, 2015

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Several times a year we host a crochet- or knit-along, a virtual event in which knitters and crocheters come together here online to work on one pattern together, share their experiences, and to learn together. There’s no need to sign up! Simply follow along with the blog posts at your own pace as you crochet your project, and feel free to share your comments and/or photos as you progress. Want to learn more? Click here for our guide.

The Votes Are In!

Thank you for voting for our crochet-along! The winning pattern is … the Sabrina Tunic!


Feel free to pick up this badge to use on your blog, Ravelry, etc to show that you’re participating! (Right-click on PCs or Ctrl+click on Macs to save it to your desktop and upload it to your site)

Crochet-Along Next Steps

1. This week, download the pattern (click here for the pattern) and read it through so you have a sense of how the project is going to take shape. We’ll be walking you through a different element each week, so don’t worry if you see anything you’re not familiar with!


6 Patterns To Make with New Colors of Landscapes!

June 15th, 2015

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You may already know Landscapes® as a gorgeous, self-striping, roving yarn. We love how this yarn works up so much, we added a batch of solid colors!

Create stunning ombre patterns by mixing solid and multi-colored skeins — like the dewy colors chosen for the Misty Moors scarf!

We’re also excited to include patterns for bright and festive wall hangings. Choose from Landscapes® and many other Lion Brand yarns to create a woven decor piece for your home.

Check out the patterns below – they each feature a mix of the new solid colors of Landscapes® and its original self-striping collection.

misty moors scarf tonal diamonds afghan
Crochet Rainbow Shawl Crochet Misty Moors Scarf Crochet Tonal Diamonds Afghan
heat wave wall hangings diagonal stripes scarf USA Mittens
Loom-Woven Heat Wave Wall Hanging Crochet Diagonal Stripes Scarf Loom-Woven Fiesta Wall Hanging

Celebrate the Stars and Stripes With These Flag Day Patterns!

June 14th, 2015

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Did you know? Although the most patriotic day — Independence Day — is celebrated on July 4th, Flag Day commemorates our nation officially adopting the stars-and-stripes-patterned flag on June 14th, 1777.

Natasha of Alaska Knit Hat designed this Old Glory hat – made with Woolspun® – just in time for a chilly summer in Alaska!



Stars, stripes, pom-poms — this pattern’s got it all!

For more inspiration, check out our pattern recommendations below, as well as our Independence Day Pattern Round-Up!

patriotic_scarf stripe_afghan
Knit Heartland Patriotic Scarf, made with Heartland® Crochet American Flag Dishcloth by Being Spiffy*
Made with Kitchen Cotton
Crochet USA Afghan, made with Hometown USA®

Wondering which of our yarns are made here in the U.S.A.? Watch the video below or click here for a full list!

::Having trouble seeing this video? Click to watch:


*Not a Lion Brand Pattern

Dress Up Your Space With This Wall Hanging!

June 13th, 2015

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Are you looking to add a little character to your home this summer? Our Yin Yang Wall Hanging patterns are the perfect addition to any room. Our team has been so in love with the wall hangings trend, we just can’t stop making them!

wall_hanging_2 wall_hanging_3
Yin Yang Wall Hanging
Get the pattern here.
Braided Fringe Wall Hanging
Get the pattern here.

Their popularity continues to grow and we are seeing them pop up everywhere, including Instagram and Pinterest! They are a fabulous summer yarn project. And the part we love the most?  They are so easy to create and no crafting skills are needed! We’ve provided instructions for the wall hanging shown in our photo – but remember this project is meant to inspire you, so feel free to experiment with other Lion Brand yarns and colors, too!

For this wall hanging we used our Quickie yarn. It’s a silky soft blend of natural wool and brilliant pre-dyed acrylic fibers twisted gently with a solid strand of black. We just love the texture and color palette of this yarn.  You can use any combination of Quickie colors because they all coordinate beautifully!

This project can be completed in well under an hour and costs under $30! Love it! We hope you enjoy creating your very own Yin Yang Wall Hanging!


Wall hangings designed by Chelsea Carle, Lion Brand’s Business Development Coordinator.

We Like How You Use Our Yarn: Knit Amigurumi Raccoon by Lisa Eberhart

June 10th, 2015

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Here’s one raccoon you won’t mind sharing your backyard with this summer!

Knit designer Lisa Eberhart is the designer of this adorable knit amigurumi which uses Vanna’s Choice® yarn.


This is a paid pattern, available through Ravelry for $3.99.

:: Vanna’s Choice® colors seen here in Grey, Black, White and Baby Pink. ::

Out of the Box Knit Project: Mood Scarves!

June 8th, 2015

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Here, three colors of LB Collection ® Angora Merino
are chosen to reflect three different moods.
Knitting can incite a lot of feelings — frustration over slipped stitches, joy at a completed piece, or even fear at an overwhelming yarn stash! For most, knitting is a way of unwinding at the end of a long day, or taking some time out of our schedules to focus on “me-time.”

One of my most anticipated movies this summer is “Inside Out”, Pixar’s take on the emotions that “live” inside everyone’s head, and how they work together. With this concept in mind, I set out to find knitting projects based on moods, and found a really fantastic project!

Mood Scarves are a conceptual knitting project that take patience and reflection. Yarn colors are chosen based on what feelings you’ve decided to track, with each color corresponding to a specific feeling.


The idea is to develop the project over a set amount of time — maybe it’s just a season, or the entire year! At the end of the project, you can look back at your work and see your feelings reflected.

Jem Weston shows her asymmetric mood scarf. Pattern here.*

The pattern? Knit 2 rows in the color reflecting your feelings for the day. That’s it!

Of course, a little guidance goes a long way. Simple patterns, where changing yarn colors is called for, are good outlines for which to start out a project.

left bank kaitlyn cowl loop scarf
Knit Left Bank Scarf Knit Kaitlyn Cowl Knit Loop Scarf

There’s so much freedom in a project like this. Picking colors, picking the type of stitch, picking a time to reflect on… it goes on! Since the project is so personal, no two scarves will ever end up identical.

What do you reflect on when you knit? What colors would you use to track your mood? Share with us in the comments below!

* Not a Lion Brand Pattern.

Brace Yourself: Crochet and Crafted Friendship Bracelets

June 7th, 2015

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Remember when you found that one person who just gets you? The person with whom you have a bundle of inside jokes, the person who cheered you up when you were down, and who made you say “best friends forever!”

Friendship bracelets may sound like a relic of summer camp past, but they’re back and making a big splash this summer. Sure, you may have grown up, but it’s never too late to renew a mutual fondness with a revamped version of the friendship bracelet.

Here’s a few of our recent favorites; make one for you and a matching one for your best friend!


broomstick tunisian cuff
Friendship Kit made with Bonbons. Crochet Broomstick Lace Cuff by Cult of Crochet* — Try it with LB Collection® Cotton Bamboo. Crochet Tunisian Cuff made with Bonbons.
Crochet Seed Bead Bracelet from Cut Out and Keep*– Try it with Bonbons. Knit Seed Stitch Bracelet made with Vanna’s Choice®. Crazy Complicated Bracelet by Hey Wanderer* — Try it with Vanna’s Palettes®.

* Not a Lion Brand pattern

9 Patriotic Patterns for Independence Day!

June 4th, 2015

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Amidst the barbecues and trips to the lake and beach, nothing says summer quite like Independence Day.

Whether it’s picnicking while waiting for fireworks, or decking yourself from head to toe with the red, white, and blue, it’s a day to celebrate the U.S.A and all that we love about our country.

Celebrate your independence with our favorite patriotic projects, inspired by the stars and stripes of our beloved flag:


star spangled bunting flag headband
Crochet Star Pillows by Crochet World (paid pattern). Make a set with Kitchen Cotton. Crochet Star Spangled Banner Bunting by Petals to Picots. Make one with Vanna’s Choice®. Crochet Flag Headband. Made with Heartland®.
flag pullover flag pillow USA Mittens
Knit Flag Pullover. Made with Heartland®. Knit American Flag Pillow by Jennifer Wilby (paid pattern.) Make one with Vanna’s Choice®. Crochet Team USA Mittens. Made with Heartland®.
flag afghan firework treat topper 4th of july apron
Crochet Flag Afghan. Made with Heartland®. Firework Treat Toppers. Made with Vanna’s Glamour®. Crochet 4th of July Apron. Made with Cotton-Ease®.


What Was Popular in May? 9 Top Patterns to Welcome Spring!

June 2nd, 2015

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wedding_capelet_blogWedding season is in full swing — no wonder our Wedding Capelet made the top of the list! Its sophisticated lace details are an elegant touch to any dress, bridal or formal. Vanna’s Glamour® yarn gives it just the right touch of shimmer for a special day.

Shawls were a huge hit in May. Spring’s unpredictable weather had us longing for sleeveless tops, yet needing something to cover-up in those breezier moments of the day.

Two of our newest patterns, the Knit Graduated Eyelets Shawl and Knit Shaded Eyelets Shawl used yarns from our LB Collection®. If you were looking for a lighter yarn to use for spring and summer garments, look no further! We’re just as in love with the feel of these yarns as we are their bright colors. With names like Nectarine and Peony, these yarns have us longing for trips to the farmer’s market, afternoons spent on the porch, and the sweet smell after a rainstorm.

Here’s a look at what patterns you loved most this May:


wedding capelet eyelets shawl sweet baby afghan
Crochet Wedding Capelet Knit Graduated Eyelets Shawl Crochet Sweet Baby Afghan
windy city tote cabled cowl prayer healing shawl
Knit Windy City Tote Knit Cabled Cowl Crochet Prayer/Healing Shawl
bright stripes pullover sherbert granny blanket shaded eyelets shawl
Knit Bright Stripes Pullover Crochet Sherbert Granny Stroller Blanket Knit Shaded Eyelets Shawl

15 Popular Projects Featuring Babysoft, Lion Brand’s Yarn of the Month for June!

June 1st, 2015

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A special, soft acrylic blend in a generously-sized ball, Babysoft® is a medium sportweight yarn that comes in in classic pastel colors and prints – it makes precious, long-lasting items.

Babysoft® is on sale now – SAVE 20% off for the entire month of June!

Below is collection of our most popular Babysoft® patterns: