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Cool Weather Ready! 6 Fast Sweaters For Fall

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Cool Weather Ready! 6 Fast Sweaters For Fall

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As soon as the temperature starts to go down even the slightest (or maybe even if the AC is set a little too high), I start dreaming of cuddly, warm, handmade sweaters. And I want them now, or preferably yesterday. Translation: I have no patience and quick-to-make projects are a must. #TheSnuggleIsReal

Below are a selection of fast finish sweater projects to knit and crochet that will satisfy that Fall sweater urge pronto!

Please note that these are available as kits only from

The Campfire Sweater

This cozy sweater is designed for an oversized, slouchy fit and features a mock turtleneck for added warmth! Knit up using Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn.


Mont Blanc Cardigan – Knit

This quick-knit kit was designed by Alex of Two of Wands using the customer favorite yarn, Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. This yarn is perfect for projects you want to finish fast. A super bulky wool/acrylic blend, it works up snuggly and quickly! And this stylish


The Chelsea Sweater

The Chelsea Knit Sweater uses a very classic, comfortable and flattering silhouette at the same time as it being an easy, and quick project! This Garment is constructed in one large piece, Neck down, Raglan Style, in the round. This garment does not require any stitching of sections together.


Notting Hill Sweater

Love the look of the Chelsea Sweater, but don’t knit? The Notting Hill Sweater Cradles right up to your neck for added warmth all Winter long! It uses a very classic, comfortable and flattering silhouette at the same time as it being an easy, and quick project! This Garment is constructed in one large piece, Neck down, using a Raglan style.


The Kodiak Bomber

This cozy bomber style jacket is made with super bulky yarn and worked from the top down for a quick finish. There is no sewing involved which gives it a seamless look. The Kodiak Bomber resembles a “teddy bear” jacket.


The Bubblegum Pullover

Cute, quick, cozy! This super bulky crochet pullover takes advantage of the Wool-Ease Thick & Quick to create a sweater you’ll want to cozy up in as the temps continue to drop.


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  • I am a loyal fan of lion Brand yarn’s. I have a room full of lion Brand yarn in my yarn stash. It’s a little frustrating for me when I get a lion brand email and I can only get the pattern by buying a kit the contingent and I already own. I’d like to be able to buy just the pattern.

  • Remember when they offered new free patterns? I know people are not obligated to buy their yarn then but these kits are not the way either. I’m an experienced knitter, I don’t need someone picking colors and quantities for me. I do a better job myself.

  • I too am a huge and loyal fan of Lion Brand yarns and agree with what Barbara Manisco says above.

  • Can not believe lion brand is not providing free patterns anymore. Join Tons of free patterns and patterns you can buy!

  • I also would rather just have a pattern. I have my own thoughts on colors and yarns I’d like to use rather than have the ones picked for me

  • I agree with those wishing the pattern were separate. I don’t buy yarn for a pattern until I’ve been able to read the pattern through. I also would prefer the option of choosing my own colors – other yarn sites allow this for their kits and it seems strange the LB would not. Being a pattern addict as well as a yarn addict I would go one further and say I’d be willing to pay a reasonable price for patterns if that were an option. I’m already going to be hitting up Ravelry looking for something similar to that “bomber” jacket that I can look over which probably means buying something.

    Note to web designer: A tiny light gray font in the comment box is a poor choice. On my 4k monitor it is almost unreadable. For text input you almost certainly want to go with 1em. That might be readable in the same gray but I would lean toward making the font color darker as well.

  • Aha! The designer of the Kodiak Bomber has the pattern available on Etsy. I would guess that the designers of the other patterns may have them available elsewhere as well. I am happy to help support the designers by purchasing their patterns.

  • If you google the name of the sweater/pattern you can usually find the blog it came from. These patterns are usually on Etsy for sale.

  • Like Barbara and Mary, I’m also disappointed at not being able to buy the pattern without buying the kit.
    I hope these patterns will soon be available as separate buy.

  • Another reason NOT to have a Lion Brand Yarn Stash!

  • Ladies, you can generally buy the patterns on Ravelry (or sometimes Etsy). Just type in the name in the search bar et voilà.
    I live in New Zealand and shipping costs are crazy (considering I can buy the yarn at the shop), so these kits aren’t really an option for me either!

  • I would emphatically agree. I have a stockpile of Lion Brand Yarns and I like to buy them on sale at my local stores. I have no interest in buying a kit. I’d also like to see more interesting patterns. Many of the recent ones are just not very appealing.

  • I agree. I also like to pick my own colors and quantities. I love the yarn choices from Lion.

  • In regards to having to buy the kit…
    I have purchased these patterns for just a few dollars by Googling just the name of the sweater, without buying the whole kit. I like choosing my own yarn, so have never purchased a kit. For example I have used Ralvery to purchase many patterns that did not require the kit from Lionbrand,.
    I have the Bubblegum sweater pattern as well as the Kodiak Bomber jacket and purchased these pattens directly from the designers, usually on Ravelty. I hope this helps!!

  • I agree that there should be an option, not just the kit, the pattern should be available to purchase separately or for free.

  • If you do an internet search of the pattern names you will find you can buy the patterns from other sites like Etsy–they are not exclusive Lion Brand patterns, they are just showing you how you can make them with their yarn in their kit.

  • The bubblegum pullover is by sewrella who has her patterns for free on her blog. The rest should be offering that for those who can’t just go buy them. And lion brand you should be offering alternatives for those who can’t afford to buy the kits. Just a thought.

  • I’m with the gang in that I too have a large quantity of your yarn, especialy Thick and Quick and Homespun, so really don’t want a kit.

  • I agree with the others, offer just the pattern. It’s fine to suggest the yarns but don’t force them on me.

  • Just a note for everyone, most (probably all) of these patterns are available directly from the designers if you don’t want to buy the kits. All lovely patterns though 🙂

  • Lovely patterns 🙂 Just a note for everyone who had commented before me, most (if not all) of these patterns are available directly from the designers if you don’t want to buy the whole kit 🙂 happy making everyone!

  • I would also like to buy the patterns. I live in the UK and love the patterns but even if I wanted to by a kit, I wouldn’t be able to afford the postage.

  • TO BE HONEST LADIES – you don’t need to buy these beginner pattern styles – they are BASIC designs and freely available everywhere online – and elsewhere on the Lion brand site under free patterns – so the choice is yours.

    After 4 decades as an educator and State Rep of handcraft supplies including yarn – I believe all companies need to provide free patterns and “How To’s” – the days of the “KIT” ARE LONG GONE.

    I ALSO HAVE MANY LION BRAND YARNS – SOME ARE VINTAGE and I love them – but wouldn’t buy a KIT even if it was the only way to buy a particular yarn… just my view.

    But every company has the right to present their”stuff” as they see fit – and this may be a trial to see how receptive the subscribers are.

    Just go to the Home page and search for patterns – free under the tab you want – ie KNIT or CROCHET, pick a pattern and off you go!!

  • Do a Google search. So far I’ve found one on Ravelry and one on Etsy, both for sale.

  • Love Lions brand yarns and like others I have an embarrassing large supply. I would also like to be able to just get the pattern.

  • I am disappointed as well at not being able to buy the yarn and pattern separate!

  • You can purchase the pattern from Etsy at this link:

  • I’ve never been someone that could follow a written pattern very well without having to frog the project over and over. I also don’t like buying kits because i have yarn-a-plenty of my own. Will you guys ever offer these patterns by themselves and in video format? If not I guess I’ll just have to scour youTube for similar patterns.

  • Sometimes, if you look up the designer on Ravelry or via your favorite search engine, you can find the patterns from these kits. It takes some detective work, but I have found a few kit patterns that way.

  • All of these sweaters could easily be knit using a knitter’s yarn stash. At least give us the option of buying only the pattern. (And, a note to other knitters: several years ago, I purchased a book instructing how to create your own sweater and have made many variants using only this book.)

  • I agree with the previous comments. You used to offer: 1- Patterns (free and not free), 2 – Many options of yarns that I could choose to make a particular item. I live in a warmer climate and rarely (if ever) work in wool. I like many of the patterns shown that are made using wool yarn. If I like the pattern, I simply choose a yarn (usually cotton with a similar weight) that I like and use it in place of wool yarn. Since you changed the set up in your emails, I find I spend less time looking at them.

  • I add my disappointment to the previous commenter’s, that I cannot get the patterns separately.

  • I agree with the other ladies, I am a loyal fan of your yarn and have a huge stash of it. Right now I have 10 balls of thick and quick in white that I have been saving for just the right pattern. The Notting Hill sweater would be perfect for it so I’m not going to buy a kit. I’m sure I can design a similar sweater without your pattern, but it would be nice to have. Just sell me the PDF pattern

  • Many of the patterns are available as separate purchases from the designers. Click on “”Get the kit” – more often than not, there is a link to the designer’s website. Here’s the Campfire Sweater from the page above – for purchase as a pattern:

    Some of the others are harder to find, some are “embargoed” while they are for sale as the LBY kit, but then they end up on Etsy.

  • Not happy with kits. Restrictive I believe. Much prefer to “put it all together” myself.

  • What’s with the sloppy fit cuffs? These sweaters would drive me nuts!

  • Like the others have said, I’d like to just have the pattern. I am a fan of Lion Brand yarn but I want to pick the color. Yes, I’d rather get the pattern for free, but I’m definitely okay paying for it.

  • I sometimes want only the pattern too. If you follow the Lion Brand link to the page with the kit, it usually lists a link to the designer. I’ve followed the link to his/her site and found a link to the pattern only. Once after buying the pattern directly from the designer and reading it, I decided to get the kit anyway…but it was a good way to discover new designers!

  • Sometimes I click on GET THE KIT to see the name of the designer and then search on either the designer’s name or the exact pattern name or both and the designer sells just the pattern on Ravelry or Etsy or some other site.

  • I agree with the ladies above. You are all right about being able to get the patterns for free! Please bring that back!

  • Ditto!

  • I completely agree with the above comments. Lion Brand has come down in my estimation also, in the emails trying to sell kits but no chance to get just the pattern. Free patterns were then reason I signed up for the emails in the first place. Some of these sweaters would be fun to make, but I, too, do not need the yarn picked out for me. Go back to free patterns!

  • I agree. The colors that are available in the kits are not my cup of tea either. I would like the patterns as well. However, the patterns on these sweaters are simple enough to copy from a picture. Just zoom in to count the stitches. So, Lion Brand, you should also make the patterns available as well as the kits. After all your competition offers the patterns or the kit. You have loyal customers and should want to keep them.

  • I agree completely. I would be happy to pay for these patterns if they were available separately. On that note, I bought the Kodiak bomber kit earlier this year and I loved it. Unfortunately I don’t have the pattern as a .pdf and my black and white copy they gave me is looking rough. I would love to make more.

  • Like the other voices have already stated, I would much prefer just the pattern, even if I have to purchase it. I’ve been crocheting for over 40 years so I don’t need a kit . I like the LB yarns, but I’d prefer to choose my own colors. It disappoints me that the company has taken this kit route to force fiber makers to buy the yarn.

  • I’ve found that if you google the name of the project , for example….Kodiak Bomber Sweater, , then the pattern shows up on ETSY for purchase. I found the kodiac bomber sweater pattern on Etsy for 5.50. No need to purchase the yarn kit, if you’d like to pick your own colors etc.

  • Please offer the Tuesday tips on this site. I don’t have Instagram and don’t plan on receiving it.
    Thank you

  • There is no description!

  • Hear! Hear! Ditto to the above comments

  • I agree with all the other comments preferring to pay for a pattern, instead of being coerced into buying a kit to get a pattern.

    That being said, I’d recently purchased Lion Brand yarn for a sweater that came with a pattern, even though the pattern also had been offered for free on the pattern designer’s website, too. Had that pattern Only been available with the purchase of Lion Brand yarn, however, I would have used the free pattern with a yarn already in my stash, instead. I would not have purchased the yarn just to get a pattern. I’d rather have purchased a similar pattern at Ravelry or elsewhere than buy a kit to get a pattern.

    I very much doubt the scheme of making patterns available only with the purchase of a kit serves Lion Brand well in terms of either customer godwill or customer loyalty, and might therefore be worth reconsidering. The comments here would certainly suggest that, also.

  • For those of you who just want the pattern, go to the page where the kit is, scroll down and click on the designer’s name. Thus will take you to their web page where you can search for the pattern. Many of these patterns are available for free on the designer’s web site. Hope this helps!

  • I’m pretty sure all these patterns are available for free! The crochet ones anyway, I don’t knit. I’ve seen them for free at and lion Brand’s website..

    • You can find the patterns for most of our kits by visiting the website for the designer. You will find their information in the pattern info on the kit product page.

  • Yarnspirations has TONS of FREE patterns! Did a crochet along recently with them!

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