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Crochet an Adorable Corner To Corner (C2C) Owl Baby Blanket! With Step-by-Step Images to Get Started

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Crochet an Adorable Corner To Corner (C2C) Owl Baby Blanket! With Step-by-Step Images to Get Started

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Are you familiar with the corner to corner crochet method? Corner to corner (C2C) crochet is a fun technique which involves working with a graph and crocheting your complete piece along a diagonal. In working the afghan, you start at one corner of your pixel square graph (typically the bottom right hand corner) and follow the graph row by row, building your stitches. You end up completing your afghan at the opposite corner (typically the top left hand corner).

These C2C blankets have become quite popular because of how quickly and easily they work up. They’re also appealing because you can easily customize the look of your project by creating a picture graph to work off of. Today, we’re excited to share with you Lion Brand®’s first crochet Corner to Corner blanket made by Sarah Zimmerman, from the popular blog, Repeat Crafter Me.

We worked with Sarah to bring you this exclusive Baby Owl pattern on, so we hope you enjoy it!

Please »click here« for the COMPLETE pattern with materials needed.

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*Good through 11/22; One coupon per person; cannot be combined with other coupons; does not apply to items already on clearance or yarn other than Vanna’s Choice®. Minimum purchase quantity is 12 balls – enough to make the afghan!

C2C Owl Afghan Graph

Getting Started:

Each square in the graph = chain 3 + 3 DC

Increase Rows:
The first part of the graph is worked by making increases at the end of each row. You will start by chaining 6, making a DC in the 4th chain from hook and then 1 DC in each of the remaining 2 chains. You may now notice you have a chain 3 + 3 DC’s.

Decrease Rows:
The second half of the graph is worked by making decreases at the end of each row. Instead of chaining 6 like you would when increasing, you will turn your work and slip stitch across the 3 DC’s in the last square made. Join with slip st to the chain 3 and chain 3 + 3 DC.

How to follow the pattern:
Print out your graph. Start in the lower right hand corner and mark off each square as you go. The first square in the corner is row 1. You will work back and forth (down one row and back up the next). So row 2 of the graph will be read diagonally from left to right and row 3 from right to left.

How to start your C2C Owl Graphgan:
Starting in the bottom right hand corner of the graph with Linen color yarn and a size H crochet hook.

Microsoft Word - Baby Owl C2C.docx

Step 1: Chain 6.
Step 2: DC in 4th chain from hook. DC in last two chains. You now have a chain 3 space and a total of 3 DC stitches. This completes your first square and row 1.
Step 3: Chain 6.
Step 4: DC in 4th chain from hook. DC in last two chains.
Step 5: Turn your work. At this point turning consists of just flipping over the first square.
Step 6: Slip stitch to join to the chain 3 space from the first square.
Step 7: Chain 3.
Step 8: Make 3 DC in chain 3 space. This completes your second two squares and row 2.
Continue by Chaining 6, DC in 4th Chain from hook and in last to chains, turn and join to chain 3 space in last square made from previous row.

»Click here« to see the directions for the rest of the pattern.

Be sure to check out Repeat Crafter Me for more C2C patterns and ideas!

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  • Beautiful! Love owls! Why not put all the pattern in one place? Hate having to click here and there to get the full pattern. This is such a beautiful pattern, it is a shame to split it up like this. Can’t wait to get started on this!

    • There is a link to the full pattern in the 4th paragraph and the last paragraph. The pattern is also a free download.

      • Thank you!

  • Beautiful pattern! Sarah@repeatcrafterme never disappoints! Always excited to see what she’s going to make next!
    Thanks so much!

  • that is absolutely stunning! Sarah@repeatcrafterme has created yet another amazing project! cant wait to get started on this.

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  • Where it says “click here for pattern” nothing is coming up.

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