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Embrace Your Geekness with 12 Fun Patterns

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Embrace Your Geekness with 12 Fun Patterns

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If you’re a crafter out there who’s been hiding a geekier side, then it’s time to let your freak flag fly! Whether you LARP, game, or spend time in dungeons with dragons, Embrace Your Geekness on July 13th. We’ve rounded up fun patterns from various realms of geekdom, because what could be better than mind-melding your favorite hobbies? Craft one of these 12 projects for yourself, or that special geeky someone in your life.

Please Note: All of these patterns can be found on Ravelry, so you’ll need to create a free log-in to access them.

Embrace Your Geekness Day


Leia Wig (Knit) by Ansley Bleu

To start us off in a galaxy far, far away, a classic ‘Star Wars’ project: Princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle. This pattern was created by Ansley Bleu, and is available on Ravelry for a handful of wupiupis. We’d recommend substituting our Homespun Yarn in Desert Mountain, which will definitely give more depth of color to your knitted wig. But be sure to double-check the pattern after purchasing, to make sure you’re using the correct weight & gauge to get your Leia buns just right!


Desert Mountain








The Geekness of Gaming


Link’s Gauntlets (Knit) by Emily Hastings

Next, we travel to another fantasy universe with an equally awesome heroine, to find these Link’s Gauntlets from the Legend of Zelda. Gamer Emily Hastings designed these fingerless gloves to keep her hands warm while she plays, so they might be perfect for a gamer in your life. Because the creator plays video games herself, you can be sure she’s patterned the perfect accessory!

Substitute our 24/7 Cotton for the CYC 4 Weight yarn, which has some perfect brown tones to choose from. Then, for the DK weight, try Vanna’s Style.

Since we’ve made our way into the gaming realm, let’s check out some sweet amigurumi. These crocheted creatures would make great gifts for the geek in your life. Or, make them in honor of your own geekness! First, the Final Fantasy-Inspired Black Mage (Crochet) by Jana Whitley is an adorably squishy action figure, fireballs not included. Buy this pattern on Ravelry for less than the price of a cup of coffee, so you can whip up little wizards for all your gaming friends. If you’re more of a Mario fan, then the Mario Mushroom (Crochet) pattern by Linda Potts is for you! Or better yet, bestow an Invincibility Star (Crochet) to let your console companion know how you really feel.

The Doctor Will See You Now

Will the Whovians in the house please stand up? Now that we have your attention, it’s time to geek out on these fantastic ‘Doctor Who’ projects. We’re no Whostorians, but we’re pretty sure they’ll pass the text for any superfans.

While we know true Who-fans will never stop debating which Doctor is the best, we know they’ll agree on these classic Tardis-inspired crafts. Morgan Kenia Andrews’ Tardis Beanie (Knit) is a fabulous, free & relatively easy project that’s been made by over 400 Ravelry crafters! But for something even simpler, try Kendra Ann’s Tardis-Inspired Cup Cozy (Knit). One big bonus of this pattern is that it doesn’t take much yarn! You can either use scrap, or make several out of fresh skeins, for everyone you watch with. Last in our Doctor Who selection, you’ll find a sweet pattern for a Dalek Hanging Towel (Crochet) by Critical Stitch, which is an opportunity to practice your bobbles. Finally, a gorgeous pattern by Sandra Petit, for a Doctor Who S12 Scarf (Crochet).

Geeks of the Round Table

For the more medieval geeks out there, these three patterns are just for you. The Extra Thick Knight’s Helmet (Crochet) by BrieCrochet Designs is gorgeous in its attention to detail. But since we want to make sure you’re outfitted from head to toe, check out these Medieval Beanpod Slippers (Knit) by Rebecca Guthrie! Now that you’re properly attired, it’s time to command your army. If you’re in the habit of saving your wine corks, then this might be the perfect crafting opportunity to use them! The Cork and Crochet Knights by Lucy Collin will provide hours of fun for even the youngest pageboys and girls.

Get Geeky With Us

Whether you love wookies or wands or twenty-sided dice, Embrace Your Geekness with us on July 13th. When you know who you are, you can’t go wrong just being yourself. We hope you adore these fabulously geeky project ideas, or share your own in the comments below!
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  • What a fun set of projects! Love the Mario patterns and Leia wig

  • Is it possible to Magic Loop the Medieval Slippers? I don’t do dpns.

  • I wish ther were a crochet design for the Dr. Who cup cozy.

  • Great projects! That helmet is terrific 🙂

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