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‘One-Piece Knits’: Your New Favorite Knitting Book

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‘One-Piece Knits’: Your New Favorite Knitting Book

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Margaret Hubert has written your favorite new knitting book. ‘One-Piece Knits’ is a must-have treasure-trove of staple sweaters, all made in one piece. You’ll find designs worked top-down, side-over, and back-to-front. If you’ve ever found yourself abandoning a WIP as soon as all the pieces are completed, you’re not alone. Even experienced knitters neglect them for months (or years!) because it never seems ‘fun’ to sew them all up. If you’ve been searching for a method to help you (finally) finish your sweaters, then this is the knitting book for you.

Knitting Book

Children’s Textured Pullover

Your New Favorite Knitting Book

In addition to eliminating the headache of sewing (which is an admirable skill in its own right!), one-piece knitting offers many other benefits. Crafters find one-piece knits fit better, and also can be altered more easily for a completely personalized fit and look. With Margaret Hubert’s ‘One-Piece Knits’, you’ll find yourself finally finishing garments, and exploring new techniques that will enhance your crafting creativity.

Below, find a preview for one of her sweaters, the Children’s Textured Pullover!

The Children’s Textured Pullover


Knitting Book


Knitting Book


Knitting Book


Do You Love One-Piece Knits?

Are you a fan of one-piece knitting techniques? If so, which is your go-to method? Let us know in the comments below if you’re already hopelessly devoted to the benefits of one-piece knits. Let us know, too, if you’re looking forward to getting your own copy of this wonderful new book! Check out ‘One-Piece Knits’ by Margaret Hubert, you’re going to love having it on your crafting shelf.

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  • I am a beginning knitter and have mostly knitted accessories and blankets, BUT I did knit an almost one-piece infant sweater. I still had to seam the sides. I would love to be able to knit a one-piece garment from start to finish. Would love to learn how.

  • I prefer the top-down approach, particularly because I can adjust the length as I go along. Case in point: A few weeks ago I tried a new pattern with stash yarn. The only way I could be certain I had enough yarn was to complete both sleeves before finishing the body. Made it by that much… but I was prepared to color-block if necessary. LOL

  • I enjoy sewing clothes, but not things I knit or crochet.

  • Looks amazing!

  • OMG! Where was this book years ago. Sewing the pieces together has always been my nightmare. This would be my first time making a garment in all one piece.

  • I love the sound of this book! Seaming is definitely not the fun part of making a sweater.

  • I really like the one-piece approach. It’s more efficient and I don’t lose interest before I get it sewn together. Thank you for this interesting pattern!

  • How fun!! Can’t wait to see the whole book.

  • One piece sweaters? The only way to knit, lol!

  • My favorite way to knit a sweater is top down. It saves so much time. i have 2 beautiful grandchildren to knit for so timesavers mean more special hand-knit sweaters for them. The sample sweater shown is the perfect color for our Georgia babes.

  • I have started a sweater, twice, but I am embarrassed to admit I get so discouraged that I just give up. Lion Brand has taught me all I know; it was my lifelong goal to learn to knit. When I retired, I was determined to learn although I did not have anyone to teach me. I have learned to knit socks and have made many pairs of socks. I have wanted to make a sweater but I am fearful this is a very big challenge. I know this book will help me. Lion Brand has been my greatest encourager, in addition to providing beautiful yarns to work with.

  • Top down is my favorite way to knit, Such a timesaver! So helpful when you knit for little ones. The sample shown is the perfect red for our little Georgia “peaches.”

  • I love designing & knitting seamless garments. Since many of my sweaters involve complex texture patterns it’s just simpler to manage shaping when always working on the right side

  • I do enjoy the top down knitting. Sometimes I use different colors for parts too. Kids love color too.

  • Most of my knitting is done for charity, and I’m always on thr lookout for kids’ bulkysweaters with a minimum of finishing. I’ve used Cabin Fever’s “Top Down for Toddlers”, but I want something for bigger kids too. I’m going to try this Children’s Textured Pullover, and it may just lead me to get the whole book!

  • I like one-piece knits but I don’t get to do many projects. I’d love to make more.

  • Love doing bottom up one piece knits on your site I found pullovers but looking for a book with cardigans

  • Articles of clothing that can be made in one piece are by far my favorite type of knitting. There’s nothing better than NOT having to do a bunch of seaming at the finish of project. I look forward to checking this new book out. I’d love to win a copy!

  • Though I’ve knitted since I was a girl I’m always learning new skills. I just took a class to learn to knit socks. Finished my first pair and they fit. I would love a chance to learn one piece projects.

  • I prefer one piece knitting because of the speed and ease you can complete some beautiful projects. I enjoy knitting, I am disabled due to medical problems and so it is extremely therapeutic for me. I would love to win so I can tackle some new designs.

  • I have never knit a sweater because of the sewing together

  • I have been knitting for about 4 years now. I really like the one piece knitting. Well I have made 2 children’s sweaters. It would be a great book to have for my exploits in knitting.

  • I love knitting. Sewing seams, not so much. Very interested in one-piece knitting.

  • I love one piece garments, especially top down because you can try them on to check fit as you knit.

  • Every year I knit each of my three grandsons a sweater. Top down has been a favorite technique. This sweater will definitely go on my projects list.

  • I’ve never knitted a sweater in one piece. I would LOVE to try it. I too like many others procrastinate when it come to putting the pieces together. Lol. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • I like one piece knitting and knitting with very little seaming. This sounds like a great book to do more one piece knitting projects.

  • I love one piece knitting because I absolutely despise seaming. I like from the neck down on circular needles.

  • I love to knit but don’t enjoy sewing up the pieces at the end. I’m always looking for ways to eliminate seams and would love to win this book! Thanks also for the children’s sweater pattern.

  • I have never tried it but would love to try. I’ve made two sweaters that I had to piece together and I did not like that at all.

  • I like to knit top down sweaters and enjoy not having to seam together at the end. Would like to learn new techniques that do not require sewing.

  • I am always looking for new techniques to try when I am knitting. One can never have too many knitting books!

  • Sewing pieces together is not a skill I have perfected! One piece knits sounds like just the thing!

  • I’ve only done the top down technique but would love to learn the others

  • My seaming skills leave so much to be desired, to learn how to work an all-in-one piece would be a challenge I’d be up for.

  • I just knitted my first one piece sweater and I am hooked! Would really enjoy your book!

  • My seaming skills leave so much to be desired, learning an all-in-one technique would be a welcomed challenge for me.

  • I’ve got quite a few of those unsewn WIPs, as I do enjoy knitting, but have limited patience for sewing. Would be nice to actually finish something I could wear.

  • I just seamed my first project. UGH! Most of the 2 short seams look okay, but there were spots that looked awful! Now I’m trying to figure if I can just ignore the wonky seams or try to take them out and re-do them!

  • I’d love to learn this technique! I’ve never tried it!
    I’d love to learn how! It may be my new favorite ‘

  • This would definitely be my first time trying one piece knitting but it looks like such a great idea and technique. And did I mention that I love sweaters? Sure do! Thanks for doing the give-away.

  • I don’t enjoy finishing but mostly it’s because by that point I’m tired of my project and itching to start something new. Also, I’m not a really great knitter. Sometimes my gauge changes and my pieces don’t fit perfectly. I still have so much to learn. Thanks.

  • My seams never look as good as my knitting deserves! I’ve tried several kinds of one-piece knitting–sleeve to sleeve, up the back, circular top down–I’d love to know if there are still more ways to knit all in one.

  • This book seems made for me. It’s right up my alley! I have kit for years but right now a one piece project is just what I want They’re clever and just challenging enough to keep me intriqued and done (for the mosy part) at the last stitch is big bonus!

  • I’m not too picky: top-down, bottom-up, side-to-side are all fun!

  • I would love to learn one piece knitting. The idea of fitting as you go sounds much better than knitting and then have to redo because it doesn’t fit. I once wound up with three sleeves for a baby sweater because I misplaced one .

  • About a month ago I purchased for the first time a kit to knit. I enjoyed knitting the pieces, once I understood what the pattern was telling me to do, but then came having to sew them together. I almost gave up and pulled the whole thing apart but took a step back and slowly started putting it together. I am still trying to finish putting it together!! I am interested in seeing how this one piece knitting would work for me.

  • Have been knitting since 1961…never knit a one piece! Sounds like something I could do in-between some other projects!

  • I usually knit or crochet shawls and blankets. I would like to learn knitting one piece garments since I hate seaming. I have knit hats in the round and loved doing that since I only had to weave in the beginning and ending yarn pieces.

  • I do love one piece knits, simply because I do not like seaming a lot of pieces together.

  • Knitting truly is my therapy! With 4 kiddos still at home it is also my escape. One piece allows me to work on projects without too much complication. I love trying new patterns. Thanks for offering!!

  • I’m a new knitter and would love to try this method. Thanks for giving us this chance.

  • I have never knitted a one piece garment.. I’m not a fan of sewing the seams, so I don’t choose those types of projects. I also don’t win very often. Pick me!

  • One-piece knits look to be fun and challenging. Really want to do a sweater for my granddaughter, Emily.

  • I would love to have this book. The old saying “your not to old to learn new tricks” could apply to me. I always have at least two projects going but would love to not have one laying around to be sewed up

  • One-piece knits look to be fun and challenging. I would like to knit a sweater for my granddaughter, Emily.

  • Like the author, I struggle to finish knitted garments and would love to learn the one piece technique.

  • I love knitting especially new patterns.

  • This would be my first time trying this.

  • Hate to see seams. Avoid doing projects I have to see up.

  • As a beginner knitter, I think this would be a great technique to learn. The sweater shown is lovely and just the type I like.

  • I have crocheted one piece garments and I love how easy they are. I’ve knit some wraps but I’d love to become proficient enough to make a sweater. This sounds like a perfect way to learn!

  • I love to knit, not sew so much, so one piece knitting is for me. My favorite is neck-down, raglan sleeve, but I have also knit up.

  • I am always looking for knitting patterns with less seams! This one-piece style of knitting is just what I am looking for. I have knit for as long as I can remember. Knitting brings such calm and a sense of accomplishment. I am always ready and willing to try a new technique! The sample sweater is gorgeous! I am ready to start knitting right now!

  • Many years ago I made several sweaters for my children top down. Now I am knitting for great-grandchildren and would love to try it again.

  • Don’t have any particular favorite, would love to have this book.

  • I just finished a child’s hooded sweater that took 4 hours to seam. Needless to say I will never try that patterns again. Bring on the seamless patterns.

  • Quick and easy…I love that

  • I knit, socks, cowls, anything that doesn’t require seaming. I would love to try larger projects, but I don’t want to see as well as knit.

  • Margaret Hubert. You are a hero in my book for creating such a book!! I have been knitting since 1959 and neck-down one -piece sweaters are my favorite. This book is a must-have for me! Thanks!!

  • I have been knitting since I was 8. I have strayed away from sweaters that involve sewing the pieces together. I would love to learn how to knit one piece sweaters. Learning a new technique is one of my favorite challenges as a knitter.

  • I have never knitted a top down sweater but would love to do it. I have knitted a baby sweater but it was a pain to put together.

  • I love doing one piece down sweatersBecause whomever I make the sweater for they can put it on and wear it immediately

  • Been looking all over the web to find one piece knitting patterns, Would love to have this book.Where can I find it.

  • I learned to pick up and knit stitches many years ago just to avoid seaming. I’m sure this book will have something i don’t know, and I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  • I love not having to sew seams. There are times I just eliminate them in a pattern written in pieces. Can’t wait to get this book!

  • I once had a baby sweater knit, but not sewn up, tucked away for years! Obviously, it went to a different baby than originally planned. Yes, this sounds like a fun book. Thanks!

  • I love the idea of knitting in one piece; I once took a baby sweater pattern and tried to make it from the bottom up but I ran into trouble at the neckline shoulder sections; I finished it but was unhappy how I got there. maybe the neck down to the hem would have been smarter. thank you.

  • I would love a book on patterns with no seams. I avoid too many patterns because I don’t like sewing seams!!!

  • Have been figuring ways to do that so dont have to latter attach some part already misplaced and also harder to see for seaming .
    Am adding a garter band to lower edge of vest today.

  • I love one piece knitting/crochet, although I have yet to attempt an article of clothing. I have made afghans, scarves, wash cloths, but I so want to try to knit and crochet a sweater. This book looks like it is filled with several ideas, I’d love to win it!

  • I’m a fan of one-piece knits, as I’m also a fan of circular needles. This book sounds like it would be a favorite go-to book. I’d like to see more of the projects, and learn about the techniques in this book.

  • I would love to learn how to knit a one piece sweater. I have never finished one completely yet, but hope to in the near future.

  • I just completed my first one piece knit, a guernsey sweater for my husband. I loved the experience and would love to try more one-piece knits.

  • Love a new knitting book, especially one with fitting tips! I’m an intermediate adventurous knitter. Don’t mind seaming, but only if I have too. Love to learn new techniques. Love to knit anything!

  • I’m definitely a fan of ‘one-and-done’ one-piece knitting techniques. Years ago I made a baby sweater for a friend, it was knit bottom up, but for myself would prefer top down so that I can try it on and modify it. There are certain traditional sweaters that do well with the piecing method but, as I stated before, for a more flattering fit, the one-piece knits are preferable. What a wonderful surprise to be able to own this new, lovely book, definitely looking forward to seeing if I am chosen as the winner! Went to to check out ‘One-Piece Knits’ by Margaret Hubert, it’s fabulous and know I’d love having it on my crafting shelf.

  • I try to stick to one piece knitting this would increase my options looking forward to reading this book.

  • As a knitter I am still a bit of a beginner, but I have crocheted many one-piece garments especially using a top-down approach. It is great to be able to try on a sweater or dress along the way and make adjustments as needed. I look forward to knitting projects this way as well.

  • Hi, I’m a beginner to knitting. I have made some smaller pieces successfully. However, knitting a sweater and having to piece it together by grafting or seaming seems really intimidating. Following patterns from this book will help me to conquer some more challenging pieces until I’m ready to tackle a regular sweater patterns. Up

  • Teaching my self to knit(May 2018) and did pretty good on one piece toys ( Nicky Epstein) would love to learn one piece sweaters and other tops. Have crocheted for 50 years and decided to challenge myself and teach myself to knit. Love it!!

  • Oh wow.
    One piece you say.
    What will I do with all the odd sleeves !
    And fronts
    and backs that have never been attached to anything!

  • One-piece knitting looks to be fun and challenging. Can’t wait to knit a sweater for my granddaughter, Emily.

  • Can’t wait to knit a one-piece sweater for my granddaughter, Emily. Looking forward to the challenge and the fun!!!!

  • I like knitting and hope to make a garment that is wearable , someday. I can never get the pieces to match. This book could be the answer to my prayers.

  • I am a fan of one piece knits. I find it to be so much easier to manage. I have been knitting for about 7 years. It’s my go to stress relief. I also don’t mind making a project piece by piece and sewing them together.

  • This would be my first time. Still a beginner


  • I have never attempted a one piece knit. But it sounds like a great technique to learn!

  • I love top down! If there is any way to rewrite a pattern I will do top d own. I find it a lot easier to fit. No seams make it the best.

  • the patterns that you show are interesting and I can’t wait to try out this new technique for me

  • I’m 73 years old and have never a seamless garment, except for hats in the round. Would dearly love to own this book.

  • I have been knitting since childhood and have never knit a one piece item. Knitting is a hobby of mine and sewing up can take time especially when trying to get the patterns to match on sleeve and shoulders

  • This would be a knitting style that would be great to learn how to do. I love knitting but dislike having to assemble a knitting project. How can we purchase this book (if I don’t win the contest )?

  • I have made a few knitting from the top down baby sweaters. My favorite one is the one that looks like a piece of watermelon!

  • I’m a beginning knitter and have never tried one piece knitting, though I love the idea of it! Sounds like it would make clothing so much easier to knit!

  • Yes, I have been a top down knitter for many years! I abandoned sweaters knit in pieces many, many years ago because I disliked the seaming process so much! I have knit adult, children & baby top down sweaters! My husband loves wearing the one piece sweaters I have knit for him! I would be delighted to win this book!

  • You are right when you say “Even experienced knitters neglect them for months (or even years) because it never seems fun to sew them up”. Although I know how to sew the seams together, I will procrastinate that final phase after having done all that knitting! I don’t like that I do that, but I must dislike sewing the seams more. Maybe “One-piece Knits” is the answer for people like me!

  • I am definitely a one-piece knitting fan. I have made a couple of items in the one-piece style and love it. Not too many patterns are designed that way.

  • I would love to add this book to my collection, which is way over populated with crocket books. Now that i’m getting more into knit, my one knitting book needs a friend.

  • I love knitting, especially one piece garments, because I’m not really a fan of sewing. That way when I get to that final row I can already view the end result. There’s no waiting to sew all the parts together and make sure they are all evenly attached correctly. I think “One-Piece Knits” would definitely be my favorite knitting book!

  • I have not done much knitting but this comcept looks interesting. No sewing good, sometimes its hard to get everything to match up.

  • Well, I have never knit a one piece garment. I really don’t like setting in sleeves or picking up stitches so something that eliminated that sounds like my kind of thing.

  • Intermediate crocheted but begging knitter. Have done one one-piece baby sweater that really surprised me. Would like to learn more adult type patterns.

  • Love circular knitting, like the ?Norwegian sweater I knit for my grandson. My tension from knit to purl is so great I can only knit in the round with just the knit or purl stitch. Have tried changing needles when I purl….not pleasant. I knit….because I like it. Time for a new string bag.

  • I hate seaming, so one piece knits for me.

  • I’ve crocheted for almost 45 years, but am just learning how to knit so, have never made any type of garment using this technique, but, I would love to learn as it sounds like it would be easier than making several pieces and then having to sew them all together! Good luck to everyone!

  • I don’t like sewing so knitting in one piece sounds great.

  • Ir is the best gift forma me!! Love yo knitt un that está. Senderismo me please!!!
    I love un Argentina,butcher I follow you Sincé a Lot off traes ahí. Thanks you.

  • Knitting for the last 58 years and have always loathed finishing. This would make it a pleasure.

  • I’ve been knitting and crocheting since I was a teenager. Now in my golden years I keep going, mostly making garments or blankets or my wonderful grandchildren who age from 3 – 19 with one more on the way.. I hate seaming an setting sleeves so would love more ideas for one piece items.

  • Will try again, last time my comment didn’t post.

    I am hopelessly devoted to the benefits of one- piece knits, especially top down as I can try on as I go and modify, looking forward to getting my own copy of this wonderful new book to place on my craft shelf.

  • I have only made a couple of baby sweaters, and did not enjoy the seaming part at all, so have avoided making anything that involves seams. lol Would love to learn one piece knitting, then maybe my granddaughter would get the sweaters they keep begging for! lol

  • I absolutely love one piece knitting. Mostly because it’s super helpful to try on my projects as I go.

  • I have been knitting for 30 years are more and have never seen this looks great first time for every thing

  • I love knitting and hate sewing and weaving in loose ends, so this book sounds perfect to me.

  • In search for the perfect OPK cardigan, this book will be the book will be the go-to resource.

  • So ready to take on a clothing item after making many, many hats. This one piece idea is right up my alley.

  • I usually knit the front and back and join them with the three-needle bindoff. I pick up stitches at the shoulders and knit the sleeves down to the cuff. Then I just have side and arm edges to sew up. My seams are bulky though, and itd

  • I usually knit the front and back and join them with the three-needle bindoff. I pick up stitches at the shoulders and knit the sleeves down to the cuff. Then I just have side and arm seams to sew up. My seams are bulky though, and it’d be fun to learn a new technique.

  • Would love to get the One-Piece Knits book.

  • I would love to learn how to do one piece knits. I’m a relative beginner, I just began knitting a year ago to pass the time while pregnant and have fallen in love with it. A book like this would make such a difference to me, helping me learn a lot.

  • Altho I am not a beginning knitter I haven’t done many one piece knits, and I have to say not having to sew things up at the end is wonderful and new patterns is always a plus :). I wish good luck to all who enter 🙂

  • I crochet a lot but new to knitting. My knitting friends have sweaters from years ago not finished and they tell me it’s no fun to sew the pieces. This book sounds like a dream to share with them!

  • Even though it is knitted in one piece you still don’t get out of sewing up the sleeve and side seems. I would love to read the book to find out if this is true of all garments knitted this way and are there any adult patterns?

  • I have made a shawl and I am working on a scarf.. The patterns aren’t too complicated because I am a newbie to knitting. I knitted a tote that needs to be blocked, seamed and lined. It’s taken me a while to get the courage to finish it as I have tried seaming other yarn projects that didn’t turn out so well. A book about one-piece knitting would be of great interest to me.

  • One of the things I love about knitting is all the different types of techniques, styles, yarn, patterns etc. It is one of the most challenging hobbies I have had and I keep trying to expand my horizons by learning something new. Years ago I made sweaters but all were seamed and now I would like to learn to make one that is seamless. I believe that knowing different techniques help to improve your knitting abilities as many times I find I would like to try a pattern but don’t feel knowledgeable enough to try. Constant learning helps to achieve not only knowledge but enjoyment in working your craft. I would like to try the top down sweater and would love to have the book to try new projects.

  • I’m new to knitting, mostly scarves and blankets. This book would be helpful with the fitting as you go. As a breast cancer survivor, I came out of it a little lop-sided due to radiation treatments. I’m a crocheter mostly, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to adjust patterns as I go, which is not always easy. It would be so helpful for myself( my test subject on projects like this) and other women I know if I can learn a new technique that would help me in my efforts. Fantastic idea.

  • I LOVE the idea of one-piece knitting – less chance for making mistakes!!! I often feel like Penelope, wife of Odysseus , who sewed all day and ripped out stitches all night so as not to have to marry any suitor while waiting for Odysseus to come home again!

  • This would be my first experience with one piece knits. LOVE Margaret Hubert!

  • I hate assembly, so I love one-piece knits. Short rows, shaping rows, yup!

  • What a wonderful idea to have a selection of seamless garments and other knitting projects!. My seaming efforts are lacking in smoothness, so I am really happy to hear of this book.. Thank you for the sample children’s pattern. Hoping to find a child’s sleeves and seamless vest.. Thank you for the opportunity of a copy of this .

  • Would like to learn how to knit in one piece. Have never tried this.

  • Knitting has never come easy to me but over the last 15 years I have slowly improved and consider myself an intermediate level knitter. I avoid making sweaters(other than one piece baby sweaters) as I hate the finishing work required. I have never liked to sew and my eyesight makes it harder as I age. I would love to be able to do a one piece child’s or adult sweater and feel more accomplished without all the extra fussiness. I would love to win a copy of this book One Piece Knits.

  • Would love to learn one piece knitting. Most everything I make requires seaming.

  • I think so, too – Margaret Hubert is great! I don’t look for one-piece patterns, I’m OK with sewing up. But when I make a garment in one piece, it is a relief at the end to realize I am finished!

  • I am intimidated by sweaters, period. Maybe this will give me the kick I need to take the plunge into sweater knitting.

  • w knitter and would love to learn technique/ I also love cotton yarn, It’s so versatile! This book would be a big help.

  • This would be my first one piece knitting adventure! I really look forward to diving in!

  • I am returning to knitting sweater projects because those made previously are too small and ready to be gifted. I have lots of time to devote to this project as I have Bell Palsy and spend most of every day doing my favorite needlecrafts. I would enjoy the adventure of learning something new!

  • I have been experimenting with this idea and would love to try other techniques.

  • I have been knitting for a Long time but for my birthday 6/23/1972 I want to take my skill to another letter and learn to make a sweater for myself. I am always knitting items for a friend or love one. It would be nice to learn a new skill in 2018 for me.

    Thank you just for the opportunity.

  • I’ve never tried one piece knitting and making a sweater without seams sounds impossible, but I’d love to try it!

  • I am an advanced crocheter however I can also knit. I have met Margret Hubert and love alI of her books. I have seriously thought about learning more about knitting. I also feel this book could be a big help to get me going. I gave up on knitting years ago because I love to make garments. Margret know all the tricks there is to get me back.

  • I love one piece knits.

  • I have never tried a one piece knit, except fpr scarves, shawls, washcloths, etc. I am very eager to try thos as it would be easier to make a garment & not have to sew all the pieces together at the end.

  • I am the kind of crafter that enjoys many things. Beading, quilting, needlepoint, etc. When I knit I like top down so I can finish a project instead of making the pieces to sew later. I still have 4 tops knitted years ago that are still not put together. I now make things for my granddaughter that are finished before she grows out of them ! Self taught and youtube are my way to go. Take the challenge to knit top down.

  • I’m always up a new challenge. This looks amazing.

  • It was nice to hear there are many other people who have objects waiting to be sewed together. My usual fix is to try and modify patterns tp knit in the round, etc. to avoid the sewing. It would be great to have patterns that accomplish this for me!

  • How interesting! I would love to try one knitting a garment in one piece as the only “one piece knitting” I have done would be blankets or scarves!

  • I have knitted a couple of one piece projects and loved the way they come together and they look great finished

  • I need to explore knitting sweaters. I rate my skill as beginner experienced and know that this book will inspire me to move on to the nextstep.

  • I am a beginner knitter. This technique sounds like a great idea!

  • Yes to one-piece knitting! Jacqueline Fee’s book captured my heart in the mid-80’s, and bottom-up is my preference. But I’ve also made lots of “Babies and Bears” side-to-side hoodies for babies.

  • I have never tried this method, but it looks like something I would enjoy as I don’t like seaming.

  • I think I am ready for the challenge of a small sweater, especially with no seams!!!!!
    I am working on a newborn/preemie blanket and a scarf.

  • I haven’t knit a seamless garment before, but I Love the idea of no more lumpy, bumpy seams!

  • I think the concept of one piece knitting is amazing. This is definitely a skill I need to learn!

  • Here I am sitting in my back yard dreaming of the sweaters I could knit. When I knit one I’m pleased and excited. What do I have but lovely pieces that will become my most favorite tops. I read knitting books, follow blogs, forums and you tube to make sure I’m doing things right but despite my best efforts, the end result often looks like a five year old sewed them together. I don’t know how this happens! I need a different approach. Margaret Hubert could save the day and my sweaters. Please help.

  • I’ve made many sweaters, but not one-piece. This would make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable and no doubt easier. I’d love to give it a try. Thank you.

  • This seems like The Dream pattern book. Like so many others, sewing up the seams isn’t my reason for knitting! I’m going to try the child’s sweater – as soon as a wade through my stash for the right color!

  • I hate setting sleeves in and sewing up sides. the yoke method for the top and sleeves gets rid of all that, plus knitting in the round for the rest of the jumper. IIt allows so much variety in the pattern and no hazzle. Great!

  • This concept sounds amazing and I would love to have this book to enjoy myself but also to help teach my daughter who is very keen to learn. This would be a wonderful way for her to become acquainted with the joys knitting can bring and gain the therapeutic benefits as well. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with us and for putting this together for like minded people to learn and grow. All the very best going forward.

  • I would love to learn how to knit one piece sweaters. The book would be a great learning experience thank you.

  • I not a new knitter, but have always been a little shy about trying something like a sweater. I’ve knitted many knitted dishcloths, scarves, and a baby rolled brim hat on circular needles. This one piece technique intrigues me and I would love to try it! Thank you!

  • I keep trying!! And trying, and trying….. I still want to learn to knit socks. Maybe this will help me. My time for handwork has become so limited lately, maybe something small like a sock will help me fill what is my deep seated desire to make it myself. Thanks!!

  • I have been knitting for a long time but this would be the first time for me to try this method. I think I would really like to make something that way.

  • I would definitely like to try one piece knitting. I avoid projects that require sewing seams, I can never seem to get the front and back pieces to match, I am thinking one piece knitting would be better for me.

  • I am rather a novice knitter, although I have done some cables for a scarf. This would be my first attempt at a garment, but I love the idea and am ready for a challenge. What a great looking book!

  • I love to knit the one knit patterns. They are quicker and easier to do. It would be Wonderful gift to have a book of those types of patterns.

  • I love doing one piece knitting, discovered it this year and would love to see more patterns as there doesn’t seem to be many that I can find.

  • Yarn is 3 and 4

  • one piece knits are all I do lately…it’s instant gratification when it’s done!

  • I would love to try one piece knitting. I love to knit and crochet but do not like sewing pieces together.

  • I hate sewing up knitting, and am inclined to rewrite patterns so that I can knit them as one piece knitting. It does take time to do this, and I think a new book about one piece knitting is marvelous. If a jumper is knitted in one piece, it’s easier to keep trying it on to make sure the fit is correct.

  • My past sewing attempts have been sad to say the least.I love no sewing projects

  • Yippee! Look ma, no seams! Thank you both: Margaret Huber for putting this book together and LION BRAND in setting up a giveaway contest for the book.

  • This looks really interesting and I am sure I’d learn a lot!

  • I love one piece knitting. I am not crazy about sewing up seams on my garments.

  • In the round, baby… In the round!

  • I’ve never knit a sweater all in one piece, but I would love to learn how to. Not having to sew up seams seems like it would make knitting a sweater a whole lot more fun!

  • I love one piece knits. Sewing up, is a drag!

  • I haven’t done much one-piece knitting, and then only with simple patterns. I’m not a big fan of seaming, so I’d like to learn more one-piece techniques applied to more complex patterns.

  • I have never knit a top down sweater. I love the sweater shown above. When I’m looking for a pattern to knit, I often avoid patterns where I have to sew pieces together or I can’t be bothered to figure out how to adjust the pattern to sew it on circular needles to eliminate some of the sewing.. I recently made a pair of mittens and watched a few videos to learn how to properly sew them together, but it slowed the whole project right down having to sew up a seam. It would be great to find projects that are one-piece knits. Thank you for the opportunity of being to win your One-Piece Knits book.

  • I have never tried one piece knitting, but the article has made me a new member of this process, would love to win the book to begin this fantastic, exciting new way to knit so that it’s complete with the last stitch. Thank you so much for this wonderful offer, looking forward to hearing from you!

  • Learning to knit – would love to do one piece clothing. Have not figured out how to do anything but blankets and scarfs
    Hoping that I get chosen for the give away.

  • I’m just learning how to knit and I would love to make one piece patterns.

  • I have been knitting over 50 years (am I really that old? ). when I was younger all the patterns had to be seemed. I love knitting in the round and one piece sweaters.! Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  • I hate seaming and sewing pieces together so it’s always a bonus for me if I can find a great looking pattern that offers it without those extra steps.

  • Would love to have the book. Points and has always been my choice of yarns. I knit for street people. They are so greatful.I have repurposed old sweaters when I don’t have yarn.At all. Being 82 and on a limited budget must be careful.

  • one piece knit sweater on circular needles, no joining. where can I buy the pattern?

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