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80 Blankets

I’ve been home a lot more than usual, something many can relate to at the moment. To keep from being overwhelmed I’ve been knitting and crocheting. A lot. It keeps me calm and [mostly] sane. I’ve made 5 blankets in the past week. Yup. 5. (You can see my kitty Kaya sleeping on a pile…

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My Life In Yarn: Cassandra King

My name is Cassandra King, and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. My favorite Lion Brand Yarn is a 3- way tie! I love the Wool-Ease line (both worsted and super bulky), I love Jeans, and I love the Basic Stitch line. Truly, if I’m purchasing yarn at a big box store, I typically reach for…

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My Life In Yarn: Alisha Lucas

Alisha Lucas from Puryear, TN @sweetstylishangel What is your favorite Lion Brand Yarn? Vanna’s Choice! What brought you to yarn (knitting/crochet)? It was a long 16 hour day with my son at his doctors appointment at Saint Jude’s research hospital when I sat down next to this lady in the cafeteria. She and I started…

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