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We are excited to look toward 2021 with the announcement of our Official Yarn Color Of The Year! Every year we work hard to pinpoint the colors that are inspiring you. Pulling together the most influential colors of the upcoming year to make sure we are bringing you the yarns you want to see.

Last year’s Yarn Color of the Year was Succulent. Throughout the year, we released a collection of free patterns and offered that color in a wide range of yarns. This year we are excited to continue this tradition and focus on a specific yarn color for 2021 that represents the tone that we want to carry throughout this upcoming year. All of this led us to pick the official Yarn Color of 2021… Terracotta!

You can learn even more about Terracotta from the Lion Brand Yarn Design Director, Jessica Hendrickson, in Tea with Shira Episode #83.

Terracotta Color Yarn

The Yarns!

Terracotta is our Yarn Color of the Year and we can’t wait any longer to tell you all about our choice and what this means for the new year! Terracotta is a soothing earthy color. Decompress with this relaxing collection of yarns and free patterns. The Terracotta Collection will be expanded upon throughout 2021. Terracotta can be used on its own or as a pop of color. It reflects a feeling of warmth and calmness that we all find in yarn crafts.

Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Yarn

Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Yarn

24/7 Cotton® Yarn

24/7 Cotton® Yarn

Coboo® Yarn

Coboo® Yarn

Pound of Love® Yarn

Pound of Love® Yarn

LB Collection® Superwash Merino Yarn

LB Collection® Superwash Merino Yarn

LB Collection® Chainette Yarn

LB Collection® Chainette Yarn

The Patterns!

Throughout the year, we will be releasing seasonal palettes that will work with Terracotta. This way, you can work with this color all year long. Finding new ways to incorporate it into your life as the months goes on.

This year we are taking things up a notch! We are starting things off with the release of ten brand new gorgeous knit and crochet patterns! We are excited to share these with you and look forward to starting a new year filled with this beautiful color!

Brisk Beanie (Crochet)

Brisk Beanie

Bucket Hat with Flowers (Crochet)

Bucket Hat with Flowers

Waffle Stitch Cardigan (Knit)

Waffle Stitch Cardigan

Sienna Hat (Knit)

Sienna Hat

Mother and Child Pullovers (Knit)

Mother and Child Pullovers

Sedona Hat (Knit)

Sedona Hat

Comfy Striped Cardigan (Knit)

Comfy Striped Cardigan

Lacy Windows Shawl (Crochet)

Lacy Windows Shawl

Sierra Hat (Knit)

Sierra Hat

Modular Triangle Shawl (Knit)

Modular Triangle Shawl

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