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Queued Up: Looking Back

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Queued Up: Looking Back

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We (definitely me) often can get wrapped up in what’s new and shiny. New patterns and kits are promoted and older ones get forgotten, even though you may have at one point been crazy in love with them. Today I’m going to look at a few “classics” that are warmer weather friendly.

Navajo Blanket Shrug – Crochet

Navajo Blanket Shrug Crochet Kit

This crochet design caught my eye a couple years ago. It’s simple, wearable, and has just enough detail to be fun to make and wear. The kit comes with the pattern and a few skeins of Jeans® yarn, a light worsted 100% acrylic yarn. (If you haven’t tried Jeans® yarn yet then I’d recommend that as well. It’s soft and easy-care. I’ve made several baby items from it with great results!)

Southwest Inspired Sunburst Afghan – Crochet

OK, so maybe not a completely warm-weather design, but after reminiscing about the Navajo shrug above I was reminded of this one. The designers must have been on the same wavelength.

This corner-to-corner crochet afghan uses Vanna’s Choice yarn, which is a classic in itself. The design is fun and may look complicated, but is actually rated a Level 2/easy-beginner+ kit!

Movie Night Cocoon Cardigan – Crochet

Cocoon Cardigan Crochet Kit

Over the years Alex (aka Two of Wands) has published many designs with Lion Brand yarns, so chances are you’re already familiar with her work. This piece is a classic throwback worked in 24/7® Cotton yarn.

The Chelsea Cape – Knit

Chelsea Cape Knit Kit

The Chelsea Cape is also from Two of Wands. Can you tell we love the easy blanket shrug shape? Do you? The style is so simple to create and can be worn over outfits from jeans and a tee to a sundress. Simplicity and versatility.

The Coffee Shop Wrap – Knit

Coffee Shop Wrap Knit Kit

I’ll wrap it up for now with one last design from Two of Wands. This knit wrap immediately became a customer favorite. The color combination in 24/7 Cotton® yarn is neutral and wearable, but still interesting and colorful. The shape is easy to wear. The stitches are achievable by a beginner knitter with a project or two under their belt. It’s a winning combination!

Old Favorites?

Do you have favorite patterns and kits from the past that you love? Let us know what you loved to make and/or keep looking back to!

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