7 Portable Knitting Patterns

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7 Portable Knitting Patterns

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Choosing the right project for the situation is serious business! The sweater you’re working on while curled up at home isn’t going to do the job as a take-along project. What is appropriate will vary by knitter and individual comfort level. Some can happily work on double sided lace while chatting at a knitting meet up (I’ve seen it!) while others take the opportunity to work on basic single-stitch patterns.

Something most will agree on is the size of the project. Like many other knitters, I fall back on socks, mitts, hats, cowls, or single-skein shawls as my travel projects. These all fit into relatively small projects bags. And, as they are smaller in scale, they also tend to be worked on finer yarn. This means (usually) the project will take a little longer thus providing you with more knitting time.

Projects using only one or two colors are also more likely to do well as travel projects. You don’t want to be juggling multiple skeins sitting in the back seat of a car or watch one of your colors roll away down the aisle of the plane.

The following selection of designs are available as free downloads on LionBrand.com.

1. Seed Banded Slouch Hat

knit hat

Hats in general make great take-along projects and there are over 600 to chose from on LionBrand.com! The hat shown is worked in a luxurious 100% cashmere lightweight (CYC #3) yarn.

2. Feather and Fan Shawl

knit shawl

The Feather and Fan shawl is knit using a single skein of Shawl in a Ball yarn in “Community Coral.” Let the yarn do the work for you as you knit away on this classic feather and fan stitch.

3. Shoreline Lace Shawl

knit shawl

The Shoreline Lace Shawl has a repetitive stitch pattern with enough going on to keep you interested in quiet travel time. The design was originally knit in Cotton-Ease (discontinued), but may be worked up in 24/7 Cotton.

4. Dreamy Pastel Cowl Pattern

knit cowl

This soft cowl is a larger take-along project, but can still work depending on the level of portability necessary. The simple repetitive stitch pattern makes it good for more social situations (for advanced beginners and higher). Knit using Amazing yarn.

5. Sparrow Fingerless Gloves

fingerless mitts

Long and delicate, these arm warmers are knit using CYC #1 (fine) yarn like Sock Ease and Silk Mohair.

6. Sausalito Stirrup Socks

knit legwarmers

These knee-high stockinette stirrup socks are worked in a single skein of Amazing yarn.

7. Classic Cable Socks

knit socks

Classic socks for a classic travel project. This pair is knit using LB Collection Superwash Merino (CYC #3) making them slightly heavier than standard handknit socks.

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