Our 14 All-Time Favorite Afghan Patterns

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Our 14 All-Time Favorite Afghan Patterns

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One of the best ways to stave off the cold is to cuddle up, so we suggest starting a new project. Better yet, choose one that will keep you cozy while you stitch! Here’s a list of our 14 all-time favorite afghan patterns. Whether you’re crafting for yourself, or planning to make one as a gift, this list has something for everyone.

Our 14 All-Time Favorite Afghan Patterns

Knit Neutrals & Blues

When you’re crafting for someone else, it’s always good to stick with neutral hues. Unless you know their décor and style well, it can be dangerous to make assumptions. For this reason, we picked three absolutely classic styles for this section of our list. The Calais Afghan (Knit Kit) is a perfect project for newer crafters, since it’s a stockinette stitch with simple edging. Plus, you’ll have fun working with these super-sized needles! For a bit more color, you could try the Simple Striped Afghan (Knit Kit). Another solid option, but with beautiful texture, is the Winter Dance Afghan (Knit Kit).

Knits with Pinks

As our tastes expand to include more unexpected colors in more traditional ‘neutral’ palettes, we’re certainly seeing pinks a little differently. The Sweet Eyelet Afghan (Knit Kit) has a sweetness to it, but without venturing into ‘girly’ territory. Then there’s the Odense Afghan (Knit Kit), which mixes in some unexpected warmer neutral tones, too.

Now, Knits for Baby

Our Southwest-Inspired Sunburst Afghan (Crochet Kit) is a sweet rainbow of 24/7 Cotton, so it’ll be soft and easy to pop in the wash. It’s always a safe bet to go with multiple colors if you’re crafting for parents who don’t know their baby’s gender in advance. Later on, this blankie can be a fun educational tool, as they begin to learn their colors. The Basketweave Baby Afghan (Knit Kit) is another great option for babies, because it has a very stimulating texture.

Neutral Solids to Crochet

It’s no wonder that some of our favorite afghan patterns are made with neutral hues, because they just go with everything. Even if you repaint, or move, or completely redecorate, your neutral afghan is still going to fit right in! One of our patterns, the Tree of Life Afghan (Crochet Kit) will certainly become an heirloom piece. Because it’s been such a popular pattern, we also offer it as a knit kit, to make sure every crafter has the opportunity to work on this beautiful project. The Celtic Afghan (Crochet Kit) is another soon-to-be-heirloom project. But if you’re looking for a little whimsy, then the Aspyn Pom Afghan (Crochet Kit) will be perfect for you.

Crochet Colorfully

Our more colorful crochet projects include stripes (both granny and chevron), graphic designs, and geometric shapes. We love the variety in these favorite afghan patterns, because you’re certain to find something that will work with your style. Our Love Triangles Afghan (Crochet Kit) features all neutral hues, but with just a pop of yellow. Then there’s the Southwest-Inspired Sunburst Afghan (Crochet Kit), which will become a beautiful focal point in any room with its unique design. The Yellow Brick Road Afghan (Crochet Kit) also offers a pop of yellow, though this one is patterned in a fun granny stripe. Lastly, our 5-Ball Ripple Afghan (Crochet Kit) is made up of neutrals plus a couple fun purples, in roving chevron stripes.

Have You Ever Made an Afghan?

If you haven’t tried your hands (and hook or needles) at an afghan yet, then we certainly hope this list will inspire you to take the plunge! These patterns are well-loved by our crafters, so they come with a vote of confidence. And if you have made an afghan (or two, or twenty!) we’d love to know what your favorite pattern is. Whether for yourself or a loved one, it’s the perfect season to cozy up and make an afghan.

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  • When looking at your 14 favorite FREE3 afghan patterns, I found that they were NOT free. You can get to some of them but not all. False advertising or just a bate anhd switch. Really disgusted

  • I agree with Barbara. Perhaps I don’t want the kit. The wording of your blog said free. Perhaps I want to choose my own colors, and I already have the appropriate size crochet hook. Why would the blog say free, but when clicked upon only a kit is available?

  • Ditto the above comment- I could not find a free patter on the whole site. Very deceiving!!! I may not check LIONBRAND site again!

  • Scroll down to the kit description…. there are links to the blogs the patterns came from…. those are the FREE patterns…… also if it’s a Lion Brand pattern look up the pattern name in the search engine…. you will find the FREE download

  • Hi!! I remember 25 years ago calling up lion brand and purchasing the Tree of Life Afghan pattern. The woman I spoke with was so sweet and the pattern was one of perfection. I was in heaven. After making six Tree of Life Afghans as gifts for family members and friends this pattern still has a special place in my heart ❤️.

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