2020 Yarn Color Of The Year: Succulent

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2020 Yarn Color Of The Year: Succulent

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We are thrilled to tell you about our newest year-long initiative, Yarn Color of the Year! Every year we work hard to pinpoint the colors that are inspiring you. Pulling together the most influential colors of the upcoming year to make sure we are bringing you the yarns you want to see.

In past years we’ve featured a Yarn Color of the Month. Every month we picked a new color to highlight and offered that color in a wide range of yarns. But this year we are taking things up a level and focusing on a specific yarn color for 2020. All of this led us to pick the official Yarn Color of 2020… Succulent!

The Yarns!

Succulent is our Yan Color of the Year and we can’t wait any longer to tell you all about our choice and what this means for the new year! Succulent is a soft green with blue undertones. It’s a celebration of nature and was chosen to be the Yarn Color of the Year because it reflects our concern and respect for the environment. Succulent is a reminder that nature can be the antidote to the technology that may at times overwhelm our lives. It brings calm and reflects the feeling of peace we all find in yarn crafts.


Wool Ease

Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® & Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Bonus Bundle

Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick

24/7 Cotton®

24/7 Cotton®

The Patterns!

Throughout the year we will be releasing seasonal palettes that will work with Succulent. This way you can work with this color all year long. Finding new ways to incorporate it into your life as the months goes on.

We are starting things off with the release of five brand new gorgeous patterns! We are excited to share these with you and look forward to starting a new year filled with this beautiful color!

Back to Basics – Knit Pullover

Back to Basics Knit Pullover

Back to Basics – Knit Tee

Back to Basics  Knit Tee

Learn to Knit Triangle Shawl

Learn to Knit Triangle Shawl

Learn to Knit Hat

Learn to Knit Hat

Ciara Pullover (Knit)

Ciara Pullover (Knit)
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  • Why 5 knit patterns and none for crochet?

  • Love this color, can’t wait to work with it!

  • Same question, why all knit and not one crochet?

  • OK What about patterns for us crocheters??

  • I agree with Linda … my thoughts exactly … why all knit patterns, and none for crochet?

  • Why 5 knit patterns and no crochet?

  • I’m asking the same, where are the crochet patterns?

  • Crochet patterns coming in the future, I hope?

  • Can you buy the pound of love in the succulent color.

  • No crochet patterns???

    • I concur with the irritation that there are NO crochet patterns! Five for knitters and none for crocheters. Once again, we get the shaft from the yarn world even though, by necessity and due to generally being more prolific, WE buy MORE yarn!

  • Disappointed, why no crochet pattern’s? I don’t knit anymore

  • Can’t this yarn be used in crochet patterns?

  • I also wonder why no crochet?

  • Would have loved to see some crochet patterns (a tee maybe, cowl or hat?) in this colour, it is gorgeous

  • I would like crochet patterns.

  • I can’t believe that you did not post any crochet patterns.

  • I love this color. I haven’t worked with it yet, but can’t wait to get my hands on it. What should I make first???

  • Where are the crochet patterns?

  • Hmmm Lion Brand very disappointed!!! No crochet patterns?

  • How about crochet patterns!

  • Gorgeous color! Love it!

  • Where are the crochet patterns? Not everyone knits, just sayin.

  • Another vote for crochet patterns.

    You know, many patterns are adaptable for crochet. Why not pair up your designers to develop “tandem” patterns — a similar project in both knit and crochet! It could only help your yarn sales!

  • All knit & no crochet patterns!!!!! dropped the ball for sure 🙁

  • Crochet patterns, please!

  • Yes, please don’t forget those of us who crochet.

  • Love, love, love! the color!!!! I also love the patterns

  • I agree with my fellow crocheters, where are our patterns?

  • I like the shades of succulent. Maybe during the year you could include some crochet patterns.

  • Beautiful color of the year but why did you choose to only highlight only knit patters. Crocheters are also a large portion of your customers. Crochet patterns should not be ignored.

  • How about sweaters using lighter yarn like #3?

  • This is a lovely shade, but where is the Pound of Love in Succulent?

  • I agree with the others, there should be more crochet patterns when you showcase a new yarn in new colors.

  • Great color!! Why no crochet? I would like a crochet scarf pattern for a petite person. All the scarf patterns are very overwhelming for petite people.

  • What about crocheters??

    • Stay tuned! Crochet is coming 🙂

  • Succulent is definitely on my palette and I am very happy to see knit patterns! I subscribe to several yarn company email newsletters and often there are only crochet patterns. I am certain you will be providing crochet patterns as the year goes on. I also like the idea of focusing on one color in seasonal palettes.

  • As an avid crochet designer, where are the patterns? I love your yarns. Use them quite often, but love your patterns as well. I am like a lot of others, crochet patterns and kits please. Also, being Irish, green is my absolute go to. Shoo don’t forget a huge part of your customers. Thanks.

  • Same question – no crochet patterns?

  • Why no color of the year yarn in acrylic? and why no crochet patterns for Succulent yarn? And BTW – it’s a rather barfy color, IMO…

  • I do not knit but I crochet a lot so why’m I left out?
    I like the color but you left me out.

  • Love the color but why did you leave out crochet patterns?

    • This is just the beginning! There will be crochet patterns coming as well.

  • Have to agree, was disappointed not to see any crochet patterns with this beautiful color.

  • Crochet seems to be considered to poor relation of knitting. This is such a beautiful color that it is sure to be a hit with everyone who works with yarn. Please, please add some nice patterns for crocheting.

  • I agree with the crochet comments, but I also noted that if you go to the non-wool page, there’s only one knit pattern, at the veery bottom of the page. Looks like the Lion folks can’t get their patterns right.

  • Ditto
    I am subscribed to your site because I am a crocheter and you have no inspirational patterns for me to use your wonderful succulent coloured wool. Aussie bird. X

  • Disappointed there are not crochet patterns focused also!

  • I knit and crochet and while I enjoy seeing the knit patterns for this colorway I’m wondering why you failed to include crochet patterns. I am disappointed in the lack of accommodating crocheters whom I know are customers of your Company.

  • Crochet patterns? I don’t like to knit

  • Would like to see crochet patterns. Is this color going to be offered in other yarns besides Wool-Ease and Cotton? When will it be available in stores?

  • Crochet patterns, please.

    I do a lot of crocheting and I do not knit at all.

  • The yarn looks beautiful but I don’t enjoy knitting. Why no patterns with this lovely yarn for crocheters??

  • Poor, sad crocheters. If you look through the catalogs you find mostly crochet patterns. It is high time that knit patterns are highlighted. I’ll bet there are a lot of crochet patterns out there. Just look like the knitters have to.

  • I’m not a knitter, but I love to crochet…Will there be any crochet patterns? BTW-I love the color.

    • Crochet patterns are coming! This is just the beginning 🙂

  • Yarn = CROCHET for me! No crochet patterns? I don’t knit so guess I’ll need to unsubscribe from Lion brand.

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