5 Ways Knit and Crochet Explain Math and Science

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5 Ways Knit and Crochet Explain Math and Science

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If you’ve ever shown a knit or crochet pattern, especially a lace or texture chart, to a non knitter or crocheter they may have said something like, that looks like a code or another language. It is! And maybe even more so than a casual first glance would give away.

Knitting Is Code

Elisabetta Matsumoto, an applied mathematician and physicist at the Georgia Institute of Technology hosted an event at a physics conference for attendees who knit. “knitting is coding” and that yarn is a programmable material. She also explained a “knot theory” of knitting that is analogous to crystal structure and crystalline materials.

Re-Imagined Math

The Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Carthage College re-imagines math, as a way in which understand the world.  She uses knitting and observations as her tools.

Inspired by Nature

Nature meets jewelry meets knitting when the artist Nora Fok creates her exquisite jewelry that is crafted using knit and crochet techniques.

High Tech Crochet

The art of crochet turns high tech when a student at Holmdel High School enters a science contest called Regeneron Science Talent Search with her project names  “A Novel Low Cost Resistive Soft Crochet Stretch Sensor as Applied to a Wearable Bluetooth Keyboard Text Input Device “ According to the article, Shayna’s device, when attached to rings placed on the hands, can allow someone to type in mid-air! There are further possible applications of this device as a virtual reality controller and as a medical rehabilitation device for tracking hand injuries.”

Communicating Through Crochet

Two sisters Margaret and Christine Wertheim, created a unique approach to communicating math and science through crochet.  They created an art installation, which was housed for a period at the Smithsonian Museum. It combined mathematical theory with crochet designs to show the beauty and fragility of the coral reef.

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  • I would like to know thé size of thé skein
    Thank yoy

  • On this opening page, the female is wearing
    what appears to be a ”wire” cowl on her
    shoulders. I have searched this entire site
    and found no pattern to match this look.
    Is that an artist concept to draw attention,
    or is it an actual makeable pattern for a

  • When I mention that math is involved in knitting and crochet, I get groans from my adult students. Then I try to explain how patterns use algebra for calculating pattern repeats. Most students just complain about how bad they are at math while thy are knitting or crocheting. I would like to share this with them and see what they think about the coding reference.

  • Anything involving yarn or string for the most part is math based. That also includes cross stitch, which the pattern is done on graph paper.
    There is continual counting and recounting in crocheting and knitting, even as an advanced yarn worker.

  • Love this article. I’ve felt that Math was natural to human beings. Our attempt to communicate, share and teach can confuse people. Teaching crochet, showing others how to see their work in advance, adds dimension to their understanding of “Math.”

  • since 2 year ago I started teachin Hand craft to some of my secundary students, after one year I notice that some of them that were quite low grade in math, stared ti get better. but I did not realized why. I tought tha maybe because they are getting old enough to ndertand them.
    afther this year (the second) teachin math to secondary kids I forun out tha the repetition of crochet patrons help them to count and to get better in Algebra and they were calclating the sequences although they have the patrons to knit AMIGURUMIS.
    I was so surprised and so happy to discover that my english teaching class was conected with the hand craft and the resukt was the improuvement in math.
    I found the article just by chance and I really like !!!!! hope you continue writing about is very interesting…… Thanks.

  • I have told people who do not knit that all you need to do is know how to knit and purl add and subtract. They don’t understand.

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