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80 Blankets: Double The Butta

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Welcome back to my #80Blankets for my wedding journey! If you missed the intro you can catch up HERE.

I originally started this blanket wanting to work front post double crochet stitches. This makes a VERY squishy fabric. It also eats through yarn like crazy. You can see my start using this stitch in the photo above. I might revisit it using a different yarn. We’ll see. For now, though, I switched gears and went with back loop half double crochet instead. It gives a similar effect in that it produces a slight horizontal ridge, but it goes faster and uses less yarn. Win.

When you work crochet stitches through the back loop only, it causes the stitch you’re working through to appear to tilt forward, so the top front of the stitch is visible on the side of the fabric facing you.

If you crochet, you know how the tops of stitches look somewhat like sideways “V”s or the > symbol when viewed from above. To work through the back loop you would be inserting your crochet hook and working only through that top arm of the stitch (instead of through both arms of the stitch). It’s a simple way to change up a basic stitch.


I could have used 3 skeins of the Feels Like Butta® Bonus Bundle®, but since I’m holding the yarn doubled it was easier to have 4 skeins. I’ll pair the leftover partial skeins with another yarn (I’m thinking maybe Winter Nights…) for another blanket.

Chain 86

Foundation Row: Half double crochet (hdc) into the second chain from hook and each chain to end – 85 hdc

Row 1: chain 2, hdc through the back loop (tbl) of each stitch to end of row – 85 hdc

*I never count my turning chain as a stitch for blankets. I like having a more solid edge, so my chain is only to turn and then I begin counting stitches.

Continue working row 1 until the blanket measures 45″ or desired length (larger blankets will need more yarn!)

Work a round of single crochet around blanket (3 stitches in each corner!)


  • ch = chain
  • hdc = half double crochet
  • hdc tbl = half double crochet through the back loop
  • st(s) = stitch(es)
  • tbl = through back loop
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Erica Jackofsky


Erica is the Email Marketing Manager for Lion Brand Yarn. The above blog post is a reflection of her own thoughts and projects. See daily updates on the wedding blankets on her Instagram. #80Blankets #121120


  • Why do you use terms that many of your crafters — “seniors” or not — do not understand???? I don’t really thrill to using an online dictionary to see what you are trying to say. Do you think your communication is enhanced? I don’t.

  • Absolutely beautiful! I’ve been meaning to try the “Feels like butta” yarn, but I’m making myself use up at least *some* of the yarn I already have first.

    I’m not sure what the other commenter is referring to – I don’t see any unusual terms in your post.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  • I just wanted to say that this pattern seems simple I will try it and that I don’t understand what the other person was commenting on that it was hard to understand.. it was one of the easiest instructions I have seen

  • Hey Erica,

    Congratulations on your engagement and Best Wishes on your upcoming winter wedding. I’m a senior and I completely get what you are trying to convey in your directions. I love this pattern and owing to my senior status, I will be making it to drape over the rocking chair in my bedroom. You go girl and don’t let the haters dampen your spirit!

    Shine on,

    Nana Mare

    • Thank you! 🙂 It will be a great rocking chair blanket. So soft and squishy with the two strands held together!

  • Maybe her use of the word “Win?” I’m 65 and I get it. I re-read the rest of the post and didn’t see any other millennial-ish words…lol.
    Nice blanket!!

  • Thank you for the pattern . I’m a beginner crocheter It’s well written and easy to follow. INo difficult instructions here!

  • I’m an Italian knitter and crocheter and my English is poor but reading you I’m learning a lot of new words and patterns at the same time. Many thanks!

  • I’m in my 70s and have been crocheting and knitting since I was 8 years old. This is the easiest pattern I have ever seen. Even a beginner should be able to understand this. Thank you for sharing.
    Congrats on your engagement!

    • Thank you and you’re welcome! 🙂

  • I don’t have that yarn you ate using bit I am going to use the hook size you recommend and two strands of yarn that I presently have. I need to use up my stash so I can buy the Feels Like Butta yarn. Just the name of it sounds nice.

    • It’s so soft!
      And this is definitely a great stash-busting project. Have fun!

  • Read your pattern and now I know my next project!! So so so easy to understand!! Thank you so much for this pattern. It will help me through this quarantine. Take care anf God bless you
    I too do not know what the one lady was referring to, about not understanding… *shrug*
    Thank you again

    • You’re welcome! Happy crocheting! 🙂

  • I’ve crocheted since ‘89 and I think your terminology is fine. For anyone trying to say that it’s not understandable for “seniors” this is the type of wording that has been in crochet patterns for as long as I’ve seen them. Don’t let anyone deter you, you’re doing a wonderful job!! I can’t wait to try out this blanket. Such a simple stitch, but nicely patterned!!!

    • Thank you! Enjoy the pattern. It’s an easy one to fall into rhythm on 🙂

  • When I read the comment by Jane Smith, I wondered what she meant. I reread the article and there is nothing that anyone would not be able to understand.

    The blanket looks beautiful and the pattern seems straight forward. Thanks for the pattern and congratulations on the engagement.

    • You’re welcome 🙂 And thank you!

  • Maybe what the lady meant – she doesn’t know how
    to do a hdc

  • I certainly hope that Kaya is going to be at the wedding. She is testing the lap blanks for you. Lovely cat!!

    • Ahhhh! I wish we could bring her! I think we might bring the dog though…

  • I love crocheting prayer shawls and small afghans for the homeless and folk who come to our church food bank. However, the yarns are often too expensive for me. When you have sales like 5 balls for $10 I stocked up. Can you do that again soon please. Especially bulky yarns. Thanks

  • I am jumping in a little late, but love the simplicity of this crochet blanket. Imagining the possibilities!

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