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80 Blankets: Speed Hook Crochet

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Welcome back to my #80Blankets for my wedding journey! If you missed the intro you can catch up HERE.

Time is of the essence! With 70 more blankets to complete before my December 2020 wedding (I’ve made 10 so far in the past 2.5 weeks!), designs and yarns that are beautiful, but fast are becoming my best friend. Looking for that perfect combination led me to the Speed Hook Shell Afghan in Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® Bonus Bundle® yarn.

The pattern was originally in regular Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick® (smaller skeins), which has more colors available. However, I wanted to use the Fisherman color (available in both size skeins), so I went with 3 of the Bonus Bundles.

You can get the pattern HERE

This blanket only took me one day! I would definitely make it again, however, I think next time I would go down a hook size and increase the number of chains to start for a wider blanket.

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Erica Jackofsky

Erica is the Email Marketing Manager for Lion Brand Yarn. The above blog post is a reflection of her own thoughts and projects. See daily updates on the wedding blankets on her Instagram. #80Blankets


  • I have made two of your blanket patterns and have altered the yarn a bit to what I had in storage. I used two large skeins of Touch of Alpaca (instead of the Butta) with the winter nights rolls blanket. The Touch of Butta blanket I had a few colors so instead of that blanket being all one color, I used 6 rows of a light grey and 2 rows each of light blue, light yellow and dark grey, then 6 rows of light grey etc. have to say your patterns are easy to follow and I have downloaded many and I find yours to be very simple, yet the blankets look sophisticated. Thank you and I’m really enjoying the 80 blanket journey you’ve created for yourself. I wish you the best in your wedding journey and looking forward to the next 70 blankets ! I

    • That sounds great! If you’re on Instagram tag me in your post so I can see! I love seeing how people interpret patterns. I’m all about changing things up to work for you. 🙂

  • The blanket looks great and the gauge doesn’t look like 19mm. Did you use a 19mm hook for the blanket as the original patterns recommends? I am newly back to crocheting and don’t prefer the really really large hooks.

    • I went down a hook size because the 19mm was too loose for me. I crochet loose, so I tend to always go down from the recommended otherwise everything is huge!

  • I recently made a purchase from Lion Brand Yard online and my credit card was charged immediately but I have not received my order (I even paid extra or expedited shipping). When I check order status it says no purchase has been made. I have tried emailing customer support and calling but I have not been able to connect and have not received a response. I am extremely disappointed with the customer service. Obviously Lion Brand has gotten successful enough that one small purchaser is no longer important. Maybe as Email Marketing Manager you have some input. Any response would be helpful.

    • Hi Susan! I don’t work in Customer Service, but I did pass along your comment. According to tracking your order is now delivered. Feel free to reach out if you need anything else!

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