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A Hat of My Own — with Sparkle

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Jessica\'s HatAs one of the new interns here at Lion Brand, I thought it might be fun to share a knitting story.

When I started working here last week, I knew there was something I had to do: knit a hat. You see, my grandmother taught me many things when I was young, like crocheting, baking, stitching, and gardening. One day, she gave my twin sister Casey and me this hat that she had knit many years prior. It was a floppy beret knit out of black yarn with silver glitter. Of course, it was way too big for our heads, but it was fun to carry around.

As we got older, Casey and I became far more interested in this hat. We developed a sort of joint-custody situation. She has the hat right now, so my poor head gets cold. I decided to knit an alternative inspired by my grandmother’s classic.

My version isn’t a beret, but it’s still got sparkle. I used Wool-Ease Chunky in Tinsel White on size 9 needles. I cast on 60 stitches and went from there. Since I wasn’t following a pattern, I just knit and purled my way around until I finished. I was pretty surprised that it fit my admittedly large head, but it’s a perfect fit! Best of all, it only took me a weekend to complete.

Have you ever been inspired by a family member’s project? Tell us about it!

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  • This is a cool story. My mother taught me to crochet but I do not remember her actually crocheting. Well now that I think of it she did not teach me to crochet she bought a book, yarn and a crochet hook.

    Alice Dukes a close family friend who was like an aunt she crocheted all of us (4 girls) beret with matching scarves when were kids. So I guess this is why my mother wanted to teach herself to crochet.

    She gave up and I taught my self. I remember my mother and I sitting together as we attempted to learn crochet. Which was great because it was time I spent with her that I never had to share.

    So this is why I always say my mother taught me to crochet.

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  • How do you become a lion brand yarn intern?!
    or work in the retail store in new york city?

    I’m catherine strassman, I won the new york city knit-out teen division in 2005 & 2006.

    I have a lot to contribute to the company. However, I couldn’t find an empolyment page.

    Please email me details at cstrassman@spc.edu

    Thank you.

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