A Year In Yarn: How To Knit or Crochet A Temperature Blanket

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A Year In Yarn: How To Knit or Crochet A Temperature Blanket

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Feel free to personalize your blanket! Change your stitch, swap your colors (or add colors for higher temps if you live in a very warm area. Perhaps Hot Pink and Burgundy?)

I like to use the high temperature for the day to determine my color, however, some people prefer low temperature or you can check the current temperature at the same time each day. Use the method that works best for you over the year. Miss a day? Keep pen and paper handy to jot down temps so you can catch up later. If you forget to mark a day down you can try visiting Accuweather. This site will let you look back on past weather in your area.

Yarn & Yardage

Basic Stitch Anti-Pilling yarn (100% acrylic; 185 yards; 100 grams)

The amount of yarn you’ll need in each color will vary based on the temperature!

Classic Color Palette

  • White = 10º and below
  • Ecru = 11 – 21º
  • Baby Blue = 22 – 32º
  • Turquoise Heather = 33 – 43º
  • Royal Blue = 44 – 54º
  • Grass Green = 55 – 65º
  • Mustard = 66 – 76º
  • Pumpkin = 77 – 87º
  • Pomegranate = 88 – 98º
  • Red Heather = 99º and above

Alternate Color Palette

  • Ecru = 10º and below
  • Grey/White = 11 – 21º
  • Silver Heather = 22 – 32º
  • Baby Blue = 33 – 43º
  • Turquoise Heather = 44 – 54º
  • Frost = 55 – 65º
  • Olive = 66 – 76º
  • Prism = 77 – 87º
  • Charcoal Heather = 88 – 98º
  • Black = 99º and above

Knit Version

  • Needles: US 8/5mm circular knitting needles (40″ or longer cables)
  • Gauge: 16 stitches & 30 rows = 4″ in garter stitch (4 stitches & 7.5 rows = 1″)
  • Finished Size: approximately 60″ wide x 97″ length
  • (Note that it is not possible to know in advance how much of each color you will require as that is entirely based on the daily temperature.)

The Knitting Pattern Recipe

Notes: You will knit 2 rows (Right Side & Wrong Side) to represent one day’s temperature (decide if you want to use the high temp, temp at a specific time of day, or low temp). This means your afghan will be a total of 730 rows long (365 days x 2 since you need to complete one garter ridge per day). At gauge stated above that will give you an afghan of 97″ long and 60″ wide.

Cast on 240 stitches

One Day: knit 2 rows in the color corresponding to the temperature that day!

Continue working like this until all 365 days have been completed.

Bind off.

Ta da! You have a unique blanket that represents your life in yarn!

Crochet Version

  • Hook: US H/5mm crochet hook
  • Gauge: 16 stitches & 18 rows = 4″ in single crochet
  • Finished Size: approximately 60″ wide x 81″ length

The Crochet Pattern Recipe

Notes: Crochet stitches are taller per row than knit garter stitch. If you work the same 2-rows per day in worsted weight with crochet and knit you will find your crochet version is quite a bit larger because the gauge is different.

With this in mind, we will be working only 1 row of single crochet per day. If you like starting new colors on the same edge each time (to have a definite RS and WS) you might want to consider using a slip stitch instead of a single crochet. This will allow you to get about twice the number of rows in the same amount of space. (Note that it will also create a tighter, heavier fabric)

Chain 241

Row 1 (Day 1): single crochet into the second chain from hook. Single crochet in each chain across, turn – 240 single crochet

One Day: chain 1, single crochet in each stitch to end of row, turn – 240 single crochet

Continue working this row until all 365 days have been completed.


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  • Thank you for the instructions! My yarn just arrived. I can’t wait to start all 366 days!

  • I have chosen to use Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn and low temperature of the day for my knitted blanket. Can’t wait to start!

  • Thank you this is very helpful.

  • So each day you use the color that you have listed as them temperature. SO IF TEMP IS 10 BELOW for 3 days you crochet 3 rows of white and then on and on as temp goes higher

  • I live in The South, so I have chosen to do mine with increments of five degrees so I can have more variety in the blanket. I am also doing mitered squares instead of rows because, rows are boring. I saw on one here that looked like a calendar, and I liked that idea, so I am stealing it.

  • I just ordered my yarn, and will be making a temperature blanket for the 1st year spent with my fiance to present as a wedding present

    • That’s an amazing idea! I’m getting married at the end of the year. Most people start temp blankets at the first of the year, but one documenting the first year of our marriage could be nice. Hmmm…. You got me thinking!

  • I love the alternate colors! I have seen other directions for a Temperature blanket this but it always looked like my blanket would be 10 feet long. You nailed it. Thank you!!

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