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Meet the Blogger: All About Ami

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On this round of Meet the Blogger it’s All About Ami! And no, her name isn’t Ami. (I confess, I did incorrectly make this assumption myself). “Ami,” aka Stephanie Lau, has been crafting since she was 10 years old. As a child she fell in love with crocheting stuffed animals. Later on she discovered that this was akin to Amigurumi, the Japanese art of knitting and crocheting small stuffed yarn creatures. This is where her design name is derived from. (Note: Ami is pronounce ah-mee.)

stuffed animals

In January of 2011, Stephanie posted her first blog post. After taking some time off from the crafting world she was jumping back in and rediscovering her love of knit and crochet. You can see Stephanie’s early crochet projects in the post, including her earliest forays into the world of amigurumi (shown above). A far cry from present day, but she was only 10 years old when she made them!

Below are some of Stephanie’s current amigurumi work. The ease with which she manipulates stitches into these tiny creatures is fascinating and awe inspiring. (How cute is that super fierce snake?!)

Over the past 6 years, since the All About Ami blog begin, Stephanie has grown and branched out from small crochet projects to garments and knitted items as well. Pictured below is her Sea Breeze sweater. This casual pullover is knit from Lion Brand’s Fast Track yarn and has been a customer favorite kit in the few short months since it was released.

bulky knit pullover

Aside from being one of Lion Brand’s favorite designers to work with, Stephanie has also been published in Simply Crochet, #crochetmagazine, and Love Crochet, to name just a few.  She has also received commendations for her work across the categories of design, DIY, crochet tutorials, crafting & photography.

Granite Cardigan

Granite Cardigan | Boho Wrap

You can see that All About Ami designs have a lighthearted and whimsical flair. The joy and love Stephanie puts into her work is apparent. In her newest collaboration with Lion Brand, the Pillowji pillows, you get a sense of Stephanie’s feeling toward her craft. This is fun for her, her family, and she would like to pass that joy on to you!.

We look forward to working more with Stephanie and passing along her creativity. You can also follow along with her designs and tutorials on

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  • Absolutely inspiring to see Stephanie’s progress over the years and her designs develop and span into new areas.

  • I love seeing Stephanie’s first project! And I always look forward to her next one!

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