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Become a Certified Craft Instructor with the CYC!

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Do you enjoy helping others learn to knit or crochet? Do you feel pride when someone you’re helping finally understands a tricky technique? If so, then teaching might be a natural fit. The Craft Yarn Council offers a Certified Instructors Program for those who love teaching others. You can take workshops on-site or through correspondence, and learn to share your love of crafting with students. Whether you aspire to work in retail, adult education, or just share your talent with family & friends, this is an amazing opportunity to become a crafting teacher.

Becoming a Crafting Teacher

The CYC’s Certified Instructors Program (CIP) has been helping crafters take this next step for over 35 years. More than 15,000 students have completed this course, while working with master teachers. You can attend on-site workshops in person, or enroll in the course via correspondence. The CYC notes that many students opt for correspondence, because there’s no need to travel, as on-site workshops are held in NYC. There are two levels for both knitting and crochet, and you can register for both at the same time. However, you’ll need to pass the first level before submitting work associated with the second level. Visit the CIP website to learn more about what will be covered in each level.

Work with the Masters

All the professional master teachers who work with the CYC are the best at what they do. Since you’ll be learning not only techniques, but also teaching style, it’s important to study with the elite. They all teach extensively at shows, conventions, and many have lead workshops at Vogue Knitting Live. Some have experience owning retail stores, where they run successful education programs. Others may have published a popular book. Because of their impressive experience, they’re able to teach in many styles, a great skill for any teacher.

What You’ll Get

From the CYC’s website, here’s a list of the benefits of certification:

  • Gain confidence in your skills and in your ability to convey these skills to others.
  • Become part of the CYC’s teachers’ database network.
  • Engage with other certified teachers on the CIP Facebook page.
  • Be eligible to participate in the CYC’s Discover Class Program at Michael’s Stores.

Craft Yarn Council Instructor CertifiedOnce you join the teachers’ database network, you’ll be on the list of capable and available teachers the CYC refers to whenever it receives requests. These requests might come from school, retailers, or independent groups, so it’s an amazing opportunity to throw your name in the ring. In addition, you’ll receive a beautiful pin to wear at the completion of each level. You’ll also receive a personalized certificate of successful completion, to frame and display with pride.

Learn More About the Program

If all of this information has your curiosity piqued, then head over to the Certified Instructors Program website to get all the details (including prices and reviews by students). To look over the application for the program, you can click here. You can also reach out to the Craft Yarn Council offices via email by clicking here. We wish you all the best if you choose to embark on this wonderful journey to become a crafting teacher!

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  • Hi there! This is such a great idea for anyone who wants to teach crafts, I will definitely be taking a look into this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • You’re welcome, Louise! Let us know if you go for it! 🙂

  • Hoping to retire soon and then I would probably be interested.

  • I see there is a teaching requirement. In the program? Does CYC help find teaching opportunities? I live in a small town. Nearest big city with any craft stores is an hour away. I know they are affiliated with Michaels but that would not be an option for me. Thanks

  • I’m so interested in this. But I need to know how many classes, are they one day a week or several in week, and time of classes. I am a nurse, and working part time.

  • Hello! I love that you are offering this! My daughters started blooming hats through school, and I joined them in learning and creating hats for the homeless, Women shelters and baby hats for hospitals! I would love to learn how to crochet or knit without the loom. And then I would love to create an afterschool knitting or crocheting group at my kids middle school and high school! Since I’m not quite ready for this course, do you have any suggestions on how to get a strong basic background? I have asked around my area at local craft stores, churches and libraries, And there are no classes for me to learn. I am thinking about YouTube channels, but that could be hard when you were first learning because you can ask questions! Any suggestions you can offer me I would very much appreciate. Thank you for your time and assistance and helping fuel my new passion!

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