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Big Stix ™, Big Knits

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Big Stix

Are you ready for some extreme knitting? Big Stix ™, shown in the photo above with LB Collection Wool, are US size 100 (38mm). They are the ultimate circular knitting needles. The extra large sizing produces a fabric on jumbo yarns that is not too loose and not too firm. It’s just right!

Big Stix needles are available to purchase on

The Big Stix ™ needles were created to mimic the look and feel of arm knitting without the restrictions. Projects with stitches this large go fast, but sometimes not fast enough. Imagine you’re halfway through an arm knitted piece and you suddenly need a tissue or your kids need attention or your dog ate your dinner off the counter. Do you run around with yarn falling off your arms? These needles take away some of that arm knitting frustration.

#7 Jumbo

The recent influx of extra large knitting and crochet encouraged a necessary change to the yarn weight standards from the Craft Yarn Council (CYC). A “#7 Jumbo” category was added to accommodate the very thick yarns and roving. Many of these new products were inspired by the arm knitting trend, however, we are also seeing a rise in super sized knitting and crochet hooks. The Big Stix are a perfect example.

Calais Afghan

The Calais afghan pattern is available on

Big Yarn, Big Stix ™, and Big Projects

One of the fun things about giant projects is their simplicity. The scale of the stitches and the feel of the yarn are all the interest you need. This lets you relax back into the process. The scarf below is just a simple garter stitch long rectangle, and doesn’t it look snuggly?!

This scarf is knit in Wow! yarn (kit available on Wow! will pair well with your giant needles. You can also try LB Collection Wool (held single) or LB Collection Natural Wool held double.

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