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CAL Introduction – Simple Stitch Top

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Our favorite crochet piece from our new Fall Winter Style Guide

By: Abby and Lindsay

When we first started developing this Style Guide we were so excited to create a collection of gorgeous hand knit and crochet pieces that you’ll be dying to add to your closet. Each item in the Style Guide is brilliant, versatile, and on trend in its own way, but the Simple Stitch Top stood out to us as a winner right away. This top hits all the marks for the Fall/Winter season! From its straight silhouette and loose fit, making it perfect for women of all shapes and sizes, to its open mesh like fabric, which we’re seeing everywhere in fashion right now, we knew we were going to want this top for ourselves. Plus, it’s made with New Basic 175, one of our newest yarns that we are absolutely obsessed with right now! We are beyond excited to get to make the Simple Stitch Top with you! If you haven’t bought your kit yet, you can get it here! Join our Ravelry group to share your progress and pictures! We will be on there answering any questions you have!

Crochet With Us!

My name is Lindsay, and I’m the Social Media Manager here at Lion Brand!

And I’m Abby, our Marketing Associate!

And we’ll be walking you through the Simple Stitch Top’s Crochet Along. We know you’ll love this top just as much as we do!

Why join our Crochet Along? Maybe, you’re a beginner, hoping to try a slightly more complicated pattern. Or you’re ready to branch out from scarves and try your first garment. Do you always get to a point in your project, get stuck and just give up? If any of that sounds familiar, this Crochet Along will be perfect for you! We’re all here to help you, answer your questions, and guide you to the finish! Plus, it’s always more fun to work on a project when you can talk it out with someone who’s doing the same thing!

Are you ready?

First things first, you’ll need the Simple Stitch Top kit, which comes with all the yarn you’ll need to complete this top, plus our exclusive pattern! You can choose from the colors: Ice, Thyme, or Cream. This pattern comes in two sizes that are pretty true to size, S-L and 1X-2X.

Abby: I decided to make mine in Cream! This color is so gorgeous, and it’s been one of my favorites since I first saw it. I love neutrals, which are super popular this season and it’ll go with just about anything, plus it’s super easy to accessorize (hello super fun shoes <3)!

Lindsay: For this top, I went with Thyme! I am just as neutrals obsessed as Abby. This color counts as neutral but with a little bit of gorgeous green hue. Greens look best on me, and it’s still easy to wear with blue jeans and black leggings!

Determining Your Gauge

This pattern recommends a 6mm crochet hook.

Lindsay: Abby and I are so bad, we never test our gauge! But in this case, I’m really glad we did. I started swatching first and only 4 rows in I realized this swatch was going to be way longer than it was supposed to be. I ended up going down to a 5.5mm hook and crocheted with a slightly tighter tension and that did the trick!

Abby: Ugh, swatching is my worst nightmare! I always just want to skip it and get right into the fun part! But, just like Lindsay said, I am super happy that we took the time to swatch for this garment. I ended up going down to a 5.5mm crochet hook as well, I am a looser crocheter and this worked perfectly!

Lindsay: Don’t forget, your ch3 starts as your first double crochet. Be sure to skip the first double crochet in your row so you end up with the correct number of stitches.

Got your swatches done? Take a minute to totally fall in love with that mesh pattern!

Abby: This mesh stitch is STUNNING! It’s the perfect stitch for this top.

Lindsay: seriously dying over mesh

Ready, Set, Crochet!

It’s time to get started on the real deal. Are you excited? Because we’re excited.

Holy chains, Batman!

Okay, you don’t have to chain that much. Only 99 for the S-L and 119 for the 1X-2X. But does anybody else completely lose count after only a few seconds? It’s definitely way harder than it should be.

After counting, and recounting, and recounting, to be sure you have the correct number of chains, you’re ready for your first row. Don’t start the mesh pattern yet! We know you’re itching to see that gorgeous mesh come to life, but do a row of all double crochet first. This row is considered your Set-Up row, not Row 1.

Lindsay: It’s a good idea to count here again. I know, we seriously just did this, but crocheting into that first chain row can be a hot mess sometimes. Better to check and make sure you’ve got the right number of stitches so your mesh looks perfect!

Let’s Mesh It Up

Okay, it’s time! Start working on your 4 row repeat mesh stitch. Your first repeat is most important, so we advise counting a lot in rows 1 and 3. The more you count at the beginning, the easier the rest will be! We’ll be back next week to help you work on your amazing Simple StitchTops!

If you haven’t gotten your kit yet, be sure to grab it! You know you want to make it with us 😉

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  • This is beautiful. But, I and others have this one problem. Many of us are more than willing to purchase the pattern-only. I have yarn here that I wish to use, as do others. I know I messaged on the Lion Brand Facebook page, but haven’t received an answer yet. I wish this pattern was available as a download purchase for the pattern only.

    • Hi Marilyn! We have received many inquires about having the patterns available separately. We are currently working on this, and the patterns will be available to purchase this weekend! Announcements will be made on our Facebook page when they are available.

    • Hi Marilyn! The patterns for the entire collection will be available to purchase later this week!

    • I agree with you. I have a large yarn stash and enjoyed having access to free patterns on LB. I’m sorry that now LB links the purchase of yarn to most new patterns. It doesn’t seem fair to those of us who buy yarn because the yarn itself attracts us and then search for patterns to use it.

    • Lion Brand posted on Ravelry yesterday that due to demand they’ll be posting the pattern-only next week :

  • Is this pattern only available as a kit? I really don’t like paying more for shipping than I do for the yarn. Never mind waiting for it to arrive.

    • Hi Michelle! Patterns will be available for purchase later this week! Announcements will be made on our Facebook page when they are available.

    • Hi Michelle! These patterns will be available for purchase later this week!

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