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Lion Brand Yarn

Contest Alert! Write A Caption to Win!

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We heard a picture is worth a thousand words, but we’re only asking for a few! A few words, that is.

Win A $100 Gift Certificate to!

Franklin Habit has drawn a cartoon for us, but we have no caption! We’d like to hear you get creative and comment (on Instagram) with what you think the caption should be!

Enter before Friday, April 19, 2019

A team of judges at Lion Brand will narrow down to the top 4 favorite comments. From there we will turn the voting over to you!

Vote for your favorite!

On Monday, April 29, 2019 we will open up voting. Then it’s in your hands to decide what the best caption is!


>> The Prize: $100 gift certificate to

The Rules

  • Enter on Instagram – To be a valid entry your caption must be left in a comment on this Instagram post.
  • Worldwide! This contest is open worldwide
  • Enter often! Enter as many times as you would like. Each entry must be left as a separate comment on the Instagram post.
  • Deadlines – Contest runs Friday, April 5, 2019 through 11:59pm (Eastern time) Friday, April 19, 2019
  • Selection – The top 4 caption comments will be chosen by a team of judges at Lion Brand
  • Vote! On Monday, April 29, 2019 we will open up voting to allow you to select which of the top 4 captions will win! You will have the chance to vote on the top 4 captions through our Instagram Stories!

Thank you to all who have commented on this post! We have been reading through your messages and reassessing how future contests will be run to make them more accessible by all. Thank for your feedback. – The LBY Team

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  • Yarn people are so wrapped up in their craft.

  • I am sorry. She can’t talk to you right now. She’s all tied up

  • You see honey, I was busy winding yarn. And next thing I know I couldn’t find the kids.

  • “Well, you know how Sally’s whole family seems to get caught up in her projects – – -“

  • All wrapped up in yarn

  • I get so wrapped up with Lion brand yarn that I can’t stop using it.

  • Give me a ball of Lion Brand yarn and you won’t see me for days!

  • That’s ok to go with the guys. I’ll just loose myself in my Lion Brand yarn.

  • hard as it may be to believe, some of us “older knitters” do not use Instagram!
    where is the contest for us??????

  • Not Fair, but whatever, life is not fair, Right?

  • I don’t have Instagram. Where is the contest for us????

    Not fair.

  • Roberta is right and it’s not just older knitters!

    How’s this, Roberta! “I was taking care of my grandchildren and they were all on Instagram instead of communicating with their grandma!! “

  • I’m with Roberta, except I crochet. You should offer an alternative for those that don’t do instagram.

  • wow

  • I also don’t use Instagram….how can I enter?

  • I agree. My self nor my friends use it

  • DAH ! I dint have an Instagram acct.
    And I want to try to win. How can I enter

  • A bit unfair to us non – instagram users – There should be another way to enter ..pffft

  • My Crochet friends and I are all caught up in Lionbrand’s Beautiful You yarn.

  • I’m with the other ladies. No fair to those of us who don’t use instagram or any of the other social media sites.

  • Not an instragram user. Is this a way to get instragram followers only, or do you want to make a contest that everyone can participate in?


  • I am in the same boat as the above responders. The Lion is ignoring a large segment of the knitting world.
    Instagram? I do have to admit to having a smart phone or I’d be Lion.

  • Have you heard? The Johnsons are missing and they suspect foul play!

  • Hi. Try as I might, I can’t log in to Instagram. I try logging in to an account I set up years ago, and that gets rejected. So, I try to set up a new account, and that gets rejected as well. So, I can’t enter your contest. I wish I could.

  • No instagram

  • No Instagram or social media of any kind, as a matter of principle.

    Here’s my entry, if you will take it this way.

    “I always try to involve my kids in my projects.””

  • I’m sorry, but not everyone uses the “social media” channels. Those of us who still go old school (computer and websites) would like to be included in fun contests, but the rules are often out of reach. I refuse to use Facebook or Instagram or Snapchat or any of that stuff that seems to cause problems (data leaks, hacking, stupid postings, etc.).
    If you want my caption for the picture, here it is:
    “I was rolling up yarn at the office, and just got carried away.”

  • I don’t have Instagram.
    My caption would be, “we were trying out my new ball winder and it just went crazy!!

  • No Instagram here either, what about us???

  • Caption: “I’ve applied to the Guiness World Book of Records for the largest ball of yarn, with or without humans.”

  • I’ve been knitting and crocheting since age 6, mostly with lion brand,. I’m very disappointed I can’t enter … I don’t use Instagram or Twitter or even Tumblr.

  • Another person (knitter/crocheter) who does not want/use FB or Instagram…. but does use your yarn. Not thrilled about being left out of this contest. I was quite happy to think up the perfect caption, only to come to this page discover I couldn’t enter it.

  • Another non-believer in social media. Would love to be able to enter your caption contest. There should be a way for those of us unable to join-in.

  • Roberta Azoff – I would not be surprised if omitting us older folks is the exact reason instagram is mandatory; age discrimination alive and well! And when I read the instagram policy it allows all sorts of personal information to be publicized or used, so no instagram for me either. We could always boycott Lion Brand Yarn until the age discrimination stops!

  • Don’t do Instagram but have an idea for your contest. Too bad.

  • Not fair, I don’t use social media. And I’m 34 so I’m hardly an old knitter (old soul maybe). I have such a good one too!

  • I do NOT need another social media to lose time in. I do not Instagram and feel cheated that I can not participate. Bad form Lion Brand!

  • Tried to enter on Instagram but said it was invalid so can’t give you my caption idea.

  • Cartoon contest- Ditto don’t use Instagram or facebook. Like Nancy Pawlowski’s comment!

  • Shame, my great caption won’t be shared, don’t do Instagram.

  • No instagram for me either!

  • Do you know where the kids are? I haven’t seen them since I started winding my Lion Brand yarn!

  • I don’t use social media, either. Too many horror stories and security problems. And various experts have advised for a long time that people should leave social media.

    I’d love to participate. Maybe let us post our captions in comments? Other sites do that. Or e-mail?

    Respectfully, please change this so we’ve got an even playing field.

    Thanks! 🙂

  • I do not use instagram either. Give all of us an opportunity!

  • My friends were all here when I started rolling this yarn into a ball. Now I can’t find any of them!!

    II, like the others, do not use Instagram.

  • I don’t use instagram either. Please give us another choice so we can participate.

  • I don’t have Instagram

    “Sometimes I just get so balled up”!

  • Guess we’re not getting another choice! Maybe in the future!

  • Wow! Kathy that looks trendy.

  • I’m a senior who uses email and texting, but not Instagram. I would like the same opportunity as others to enter this contest, PLEASE!

  • I am not on Instagram and would like to enter the caption contest. Is there another format??
    Thank you.
    Flo Osher

  • Dear, You’ll never guess what happened at Knitting Club

  • I only walked away from my high power, super size ball winder for a minute…

    *Sorry, no instagram

  • The kids are playing hide and seek again.

  • No, no, it’s not rope, if you give them enough YARN… they’ll hang themselves!

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