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Circles In Squares: More Granny Squares

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I got a few questions on my last granny square posts about what to do with all the ends of yarns. Granny squares are great for using up scrap or stash and working with lots of colors, but worrying about weaving ends afterward can be daunting. What I do is crochet over my ends every time there is a color change. This makes finishing a whole lot easier later on. (Confession, I would probably never make a granny square anything if I had to weave in ends after every round!)

This particular granny square I only used two colors. You can easily use more or even work the entire thing in a single color.


The Square

With Opal, chain 6, join with a sl st to first ch to form a ring

RND 1 (with Opal): ch 2 (counts as first dc), work 15 dc into center of ring. Join with a sl st to the top of the beginning ch-2 – 16 dc

RND 2 (with Opal): ch 5 (counts as 1 dc and ch 2), *1 dc in next st, ch 2; rep from * another 14 times, join with a sl st to 3rd ch of beginning ch-5 – 16 ch-2 sps

RND 3 (with Opal): sl st in first ch-2 sp, (ch 2, 2 dc) in the same sp, ch 1; *work (3 dc, ch 1) in next ch-2 sp; rep from * another 14 times, join with a sl st in the top of beginning ch-2 – 16 ch-1 sps

Cut your yarn and fasten off. To hide your ends you can work the next few stitches of the next color/rnd over the end of the yarn you’ve just cut.

RND 4 (with Cream): join with a sl st to any ch-1 sp, (ch 1, sc) in the same sp, *(ch 3, sc) in the next 3 sps, ch 6, sc in next sp; rep from * another 3 times, join with a sl st to first sc – 12 ch-3 sps & 4 ch-6 sps

RND 5 (with Cream): sl st in first ch-3 sp, (ch 2, 2 dc) in same sp, 3 dc in the next 2 ch-3 sps; *(5 dc, ch 3, 5dc) in ch-6 sp, 3 dc in next 3 ch-3 sps; rep from * twice more, (5 dc, ch 3, 5 dc) in last ch-6 sp, join with a sl st to the top of the beginning ch-2 – 76 dc & 4 ch-3 sps

Rnd 6 (with Cream): ch 2 (counts as 1st dc), work 1 dc in each st across edge, work [1 dc, ch 3, 1 dc] in each corner ch-3 sps, end by joining with a slip st to beginning of rnd ch – 84 dc & 4 ch-3 sps


  • CH = chain
  • DC = double crochet
  • RND = round
  • SC = single crochet
  • SL = slip
  • ST = stitch

Make More Squares!

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  • Why not a chart for these granny squares? so much easier.

  • Beautiful and easy to crochet!

  • ‘would like to print the instuctions for these granny squares please advise

  • Not everyone can follow charts, written works best for me.

  • Some of us really have a hard time with charts.. Thank you so much for a written pattern.

  • I love this and personally find charts hard to follow

  • Thank you for written instructions…I cannot figure out charts.

  • The granny square was the first square I learned how to make when I was 9 years old and my mom showed me how to hide the new colors exactly the way you described so much easier and cleaner granny square.

  • This is a great instruction and I can follow it and make a great blanket or baby blanket. Thank you!

  • Thank you for this.As a visual learner I always find visual instruction helpful.Very pretty squares.

  • I make lots of different granny squares. I really like this description with pictures for each step. Makes it so simple that even a leftie like me can easily follow the steps.

  • Thank You for the well-written pattern for the circle in square granny – very easy to follow!

  • Can you tell me how big this pattern square will work out at please.
    I am a beginner and although I have made some squares I want to make a different pattern to go with them to make a blanket and I would like them to be all the same size.

  • A photo of the finished afghan would be really nice.

  • I’m making a baby blanket using the sunflower motif. I enjoy these articles and look forward to your interpretation of a heart granny square. Thanks for sharing!

  • Instructions are clear and easy to follow, will use them

  • would like to print this please help

    • I’m working on uploading printable PDF versions of the tutorials! Look for that option in the coming weeks.

  • It would be far more useful if you would provide written instructions separate from the pictures. I’m sure the pictures are helpful for absolute beginners. But I don’t want to print all those pictures, which I don’t need – it’s a waste of paper and ink.

  • Pattern instructions cover the directions even when downloaded.this has happened in the recent square patterns.

  • Picture hiding background instructions; please send instructions to me or po a visible pattern not blocked by a photo.

    • What type of device are you viewing the blog on?

  • Thank you for your patterns. I make shawls, cowls, hats, and scarves for my family and friends. I love Lionbrand yarns and patterns. When you copy and paste patterns to your notepad, etc, the print instructions arenicely incorporated without photos (which help beginner/visual learners. Love your website!

  • Pics block instructions for granny sq. Circle in a sq.!! Can’t read directions. This happens more than once!!

    • Are you viewing on a mobile device? I can pass the information to the IT team.

  • Can’t read directions. Pics cover them!!!

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