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Community Spotlight: Helpful Animals

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Welcome to Community Spotlight, where we’ll be showing you highlights from our Community Gallery. To be featured in the gallery, simply post a picture of your Lion Brand creations to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #lionbrandyarn. We’ll be choosing some of our favorites to post to the blog.

We’ve noticed something in the Community Gallery: you all have some really cute pets. Dogs, cats, bunnies, gerbils, all sorts of critters stop by to snuggle in your yarn or model your finished items. They are very helpful, too, keeping things warm and generally being adorable.

This Community Spotlight is celebrating the furry friends that keep our crafts company.

Helpful Animals

Coal has decided poms are his new thing. I think he might be onto something. Let’s all bathe in pom poms together! . . . .

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Stewart Little Fox is doing some quality testing on our #lionbrandyarn #scarfie yarn shawl. #stewieapproved

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Annoyed because the “clicking” of the camera woke him up, but how cozy does he look on this ?!? ❤

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Easy like Sunday morning

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Even pets that belong to members of the Lion Brand Family are getting in on the action…

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  • Please, more wonderful cats!

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