Craft for Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dog

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Craft for Chinese New Year: The Year of the Dog

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Chinese New Year

All About Ami created a very special new project to celebrate Chinese New Year, which starts today! It’s a two-week festival that marks the start of the new year, beginning on the second new moon (after the winter solstice) and ending on the full moon at the beginning of March. Chinese New Year is celebrated by visiting family & friends, eating special meals, enjoying fireworks, and giving gifts. 2018 is the Year of the Dog, and this craft is an adorable way to celebrate.

Chinese New Year Crafting with All About Ami

One of our favorite Lion Brand bloggers, Stephanie Lau of All About Ami, has been making special projects to celebrate Chinese New Year for the last few years. The animals associated with Chinese New Year are a part of the Chinese Zodiac, 12 animals that rotate over the course of 12 years. Each animal has its own attributes, lucky colors, and potential fortune predictions. All About Ami has been creating amigurumi animals to celebrate each year – you can see some pictured below!

Photos are all courtesy of All About Ami.

Year of the Dog!

Red is a good luck symbol for Chinese New Year, hence the little red checkered bandanas these puppies are wearing! Red is also a good luck symbol for ‘Dogs’ in particular, along with green and purple. If you were born in 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982 or 1994, you’re a Dog, and you’re joining an elite list! Other notable dogs include: Winston Churchill, Mother Theresa, Madonna, and Elvis Presley. Dogs are loyal, honest, & apt to express love through acts of service.

Amigurumi Puppies

Photo: All About Ami

An Adorable Year of the Dog Craft

If you’re planning to celebrate, or have a friend or loved one who will, this might be the most adorable gift idea you’ll find. To celebrate the Year of the Dog, Stephanie & Ryan designed the adorable puppers. You can find the pattern on Etsy or Craftsy, priced reasonably to keep it ad-free.

Adorable Puppers

Photo: All About Ami

You can also check out a post on the All About Ami blog, sharing step-by-step the process for putting these cuties together. Read more here. And Happy New Year!

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  • Thank you for featuring our pups, Ally! It’s been a fun tradition and a very unique way for us to celebrate Chinese New Year! We appreciate your kind words and very informative post about Chinese New Year!

    • You are so welcome, Stephanie, it’s my pleasure!

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