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Crafting for Your Pet: National Pet Day

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Last week we celebrated National Pet Day, so we’ve rounded up some wonderful projects for your best furry friends! When you’ve got a special pet in your life, you know you’d do anything to make them happy. Make your pet a cozy new bed, a fetching sweater, or a new toy, just because they deserve it! Scroll down for fun ideas for puppers and kittens.

Treats for Your Pet


For Your Bow-Wow Best Friend

It can be tough to find the right comfy bed for your buddy. But here are a couple cute ideas, the Pampered Paws Felted Pet Mat (Crochet) and the Pampered Pooch Felted Bed (Crochet). Either a mat or a bed would make a great resting place, depending on your pet’s preferences and personal style.

To Snooze

Coney Island Frank Dog Toy Crochet

To Chew

If your buddy needs something fun and new to chomp, check out the Coney Island Frank Dog Toy (Crochet)!

Because it’s so easy to make, it would also make a fun gift for any other lovable doggos in your life! Maybe you could have a ‘crochet cookout’ for all the pooches in your neighborhood.

To Wear

If your best bud gets chilly easily, then there’s no shame in donning a doggy sweater. But if you’re going to go for a W-A-L-K, you might as well do it in style! These two pet sweaters will keep your furry friend looking posh while you walk the block. The Animal Lover Dog Sweater (Knit) in cute cheetah print. And the Turtleneck Dog Sweater (Knit) is another fun option, and sure to turn heads!

For Your Kitten Companion

To Relax

Whether your kitten likes a bucket bed or a cozy, we’ve got a pattern for you. The Curl Up Kitty Cat Bed (Crochet) will not only keep your cat comfortable, but also look cute in your space! Or perhaps, your kitten-friend would rather have a little more privacy. Then they’ll probably love Psy and Thai’s Kitty Cozy (Crochet).

To Bat Around

Since many of us leave our beloved pets at home for part of the day, it’s important to leave them with something to do (or, chew). Cats are very smart creatures, and, as a result, need extra mental stimulation! Seems like there’s no end of store-bought options, but we think your furry friend might just love something homemade.

First of all, this Goldfish Cat Toy (Crochet) is a fun one for both of you, due to its long string! Dangle it for your kitten to bat around, and it’ll almost be like fishing for the read thing. Next, our Catnip Mouse can be made knit or crochet, and this one is sure to be a winner. Finally, a classic knit Miss Mousie Pattern. Rather than Sock-Ease Yarn in Lemon Drop (which has been discontinued), we’d suggest Toffee or Rock Candy.

Celebrate Your Pet

There’s nothing like a pet waiting for you at home to brighten your day. Even though they can get into plenty of trouble, their antics and snuggles can always bring a smile to your face. Most of all, they love unconditionally. Well… Maybe a few conditions! Like treats and toys, for example.

We hope you’ll enjoy these fun suggestions for crafting for your pet, and let us know in the comments below if you try any of them out!
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