Crocheting the Coral Reef

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Crocheting the Coral Reef

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The American Museum of Natural History in New York City merged science and art on Tuesday, April 8. Using yarn donated by Lion Brand, they have crocheted an entire coral reef ecosystem and discussed some the current issues facing reefs today, as well as actions that can be taken in the future.

Margaret Wertheim, director of the Institute for Figuring, and Kate Holmes, a marine biologist for AMNH, lead a discussion about the plight of coral reefs, and “hyperbolic crochet,” while touching on handicraft, mathematics, marine ecology, conservation activism, and collective artistic practice.
To learn more about the Institute for Figuring, you can check out the article we wrote in our newsletter.

crocheted coral reef

As someone who is also personally interested in coral reefs and their survivability, I also recently saw an article in The New York Times about some of the efforts being done to rebuild and sustain the reef community. One of these efforts is taking place in Delaware, where they are using old subway cars to create a thriving reef with trains taken from the New York City MTA. It’s very cool!

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  • I saw this featured in a magazine not to long ago

  • This article caught my eye, and I followed the links to learn more. After spending some time poking around the Institute for Figuring, I was “hooked.” This week I’ve enjoyed pulling out my balls of left-over yarn, and turning them into little pieces of crocheted coral. It isn’t often I get to use my math background and my hobbies together. Thanks!

  • I did not know I was a math person until I started to make crocheted coral. I love doing it, it is so relaxing. So far I have made crocheted coral in green and blue, next will be red, yellow.

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