Design With Me – My First Blanket Design: Part 3

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Design With Me – My First Blanket Design: Part 3

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Phew, gauge swatching is officially over with! Now onto the math…


Guys…one thing I hate more than gauge swatching…math. I’ll admit it now, I’m awful at it, always have been and always will be. That’s why I wanted to keep this blanket very simple with garter stitch.

To find out how many stitches we’re going to need to cast on we need that gauge swatch. So if I have 16 stitches for 4 inches then I know that I have 4 stitches per inch. If I want an 48″ blanket then I’ll multiply 4 by 84 to get 192! So 4*48=192 so that means that I will have a total of 192 stitches to cast on! See, that gauge swatch came in handy 😉 but now the hard part is over!


We just figured out math so let’s take a minute to pat ourselves on the back. GO US!

Now we can get to the fun part…KNITTING!! So since we have a total of 192 stches to cast on, and we know knitting grows, I’m going with a 40″ circular needle cord. Now to cast on 192titches……well, I’ll be back in a year once this is done.

Alright, once you have all your stitches casted on, just knit! Knit until you’ve reached your targeted length. For me, I’ll be knitting basically forever until I reach 90″.

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