Ella Tied Cardigan Crochet-Along: Week 5

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Ella Tied Cardigan Crochet-Along: Week 5

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Welcome to our final post on the Ella Tied Cardigan! I can’t believe it’s over already! It went by so fast! If you are not finished yet (or haven’t even started!), no worries, the posts will always be up and our Ravelry thread is not going anywhere!

If you are like me, when you purchase or make a piece of clothing with a waistband, it goes missing almost immediately!  I did NOT want that to happen with this cardi!  After I seamed my sweater and created my waistband, I decided a few waistband -keeping loops were in order!  This extra step was easy!  I tied the waistband in place where it felt most comfortable and marked that with a few pins along the seam line under the arms:


I then made two loops by chaining 12, and single crocheting 1 row! Tada! I sewed it into place right where I had marked it with the pins.  I repeated for the other side and my waistband was now safe and secure!



The loops allow me to style the sweater with a bow in the back, leaving the front open and exposing more of my outfit!

I had a VERY difficult time narrowing down WHICH outfits looked best with this cardi. Here I included my top 9. I am finding more and more looks every day as the season continues to require additional layers.


Take a look at the outfits I created here. I find this cardi goes so well with cozy loungewear all the way up to black tie!  I paired it with work wear, date night clothes, Sunday best, apple-picking, lunch date, girls night out and on and on and on. Tied in front, tied in back, or hanging loose, it’s versatile and cozy and a great outer layer!  Pair it with neutrals, stripes, prints or complimentary colors, you may just wear it every day! Aren’t you glad you made it?

If you look closely you may spot a few other Lion Brand items in there—my version of Loop Scarf (my version coming soon in a LOOK FOR LESS lion brand yarn youtube video) made up in a bulkier weight, and my giant pom pom pink hat is made with Hometown USA in colors: Phoenix Azalea and New Orleans French Berry

I am SO ANXIOUS to see your complete Ella Tied Cardigan and how YOU are styling it.  Head on over to Ravelry to share and LOVE on everyone’s photos of their creations. Thank you AS ALWAYS for having me, until next time, NEVER stop Crocheting!

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  • Sweetie, that’s not a waistband. It’s a belt. A waistband is attached to a skirt or a pair of pants.It can’t go missing. A belt, however, can and often does get lost.

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