Faux Fur Trend: Knit This Free Cowl Pattern in A Night!

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Faux Fur Trend: Knit This Free Cowl Pattern in A Night!

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Looking for a nearly instant project? This cowl knit in the CYC#7 jumbo Go For Faux Thick & Quick might be exactly what you need! It works up in just a few episodes of your favorite show. I made mine one night and wore it out the next day.

I made my cowl nice and tall so I could tuck my chin into the soft material and hide more of my face on super cold days. You could easily shorten yours by working the repeat only twice more (instead of the additional 3 repeats as written).

Pattern Information

  • Yarns: Go For Faux Thick & Quick – 3 balls Baked Alaska (MC); 1 ball Husky (CC)
  • Needles: US 35 (19mm) 29″ circular needle
  • Gauge: 4 sts & 8 rnds = 4″ in stockinette stitch in the round
  • Finished Size: 30″ circumference x 12″ height

Faux Fur Snowy Owl Cowl

Pattern Notes – I used all of the CC (Husky) skein. If your gauge is any larger than that stated in the pattern you may run out of this skein. If you fear this could be an issue, but don’t want to sacrifice length on the cowl then knit an extra round of MC before the first round of CC and after the last round of CC.

Slip all stitches as if to purl.

For a shorter version end the last repeat after rnd 3.

Cast on 30 sts and join for working in the round.

Rnd 1: Knit with MC

Rnd 2: With CC, *k1, slip 1; rep from * to end of rnd

Rnds 3 & 4: Knit with MC

Rnd 5: With CC, *slip 1, k1; rep from * to end of rnd

Rnd 6 & 7: Knit with MC

Work rnds 2-7 another 3 times ending the last repeat with rnd 6.

Loosely bind off all stitches.

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Erica Jackofsky

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  • The cowl neck collar appears to be too tall for your model. I am going to convert the pattern to the Martha Stewart loom. Do you have any suggestions for changes to be made to the pattern?
    Thanks—– Linda epstein

  • Sorry have to disagree-I think it looks perfect !! in our cold Yorkshire winters Uk -it looks absolutely perfect!! I love it guys and wouldn’t change a thing, but appreciate we all have different needs

  • How do you join in the round? II use the circular needles – but knit as straight sided, and I am on my third blanket- so I use the circular because of the size of my projects- but have never done a round scarf and this is a beauty. I want to give it as a gift for a friend who loves owls..

  • Love this, may I ask what CC and MC stand for? Novice knitter here…. πŸ™‚

    • πŸ™‚
      CC is coordinating color (here it’s Husky) and MC is main color (Baked Alaska)

  • I have never seen this yarn before. It looks perfect as a cowel! Unfortunality I don’t knit but will be looking for a crochet pattern. Thanks for sharing you beautiful work.

  • I would love to see this converted to an open shawl. Any ideas?

    • Do you mean something like a stole? (Large rectangle)

  • Would love to see this in a crochet pattern

  • I know nothing about the “Martha Stewart Loom”, but If i wanted this lovely cowl to be “shorter” in height around my neck, I would just decrease the number of repeats …. it is stitched “in the round” so the number of rounds stitched will determine the height. For me, I need extra length, so I am increasing the number of stitches ….

    Hope this helps, …/mp

  • I can’t knit. How would this look in crochet and is there a way to convert the pattern?

  • do you have in crochet pattern?

    • I haven’t worked up a crochet version yet, but it looks like several people are interested, so that could be coming soon!


    • Working on one for the next week or two!

  • When you say to slip as if to purl, do you mean with yarn in front or with yarn in back? I have found conflicting instructions on the internet and am not sure which is correct. Thanks! This is a lovely cowl and I would like to make it.

    • Yarn in back! Slipping purlwise is just referring to the direction you insert the needle tip into the stitch.

  • I cannot seem to find the Jumbo Go To Faux Thick and Quick yarn. I did google it and Amazon has it but it is $36.80 per ball. Where cannot I buy the yard as Michaels in Toronto Canada does not have it and has never heard of it. Please advise.

  • where can you buy this yarn?

  • I really like this Cowl looks nice and soft. I plan on making this Cowl as a Holiday gift and make a couple of hats and scarf sets as well.

  • Great Cowl Pattern.

  • Love this pattern!!! love this yarn!!! have made 3 and have yarn for 4 more… The granddaughters are all getting one for Christmas. This one thing they all like.
    Haven’t washed any yet so not sure about shedding but none during the work up.

    • I’m so happy you’re loving it! πŸ™‚

  • I was just wondering like so many others if a crocheted version of this cowel has been done??? If so where do I find it??? Very very cold here in Illinois today!!! Always a great way to motivate getting some warm items made up!

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