5 Tips for Crafting with Kids from YarnCraft Episode #13

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5 Tips for Crafting with Kids from YarnCraft Episode #13

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In each episode of our podcast, YarnCraft, my co-host Liz from our Design Department and I like to share some interesting tips about knitting, crocheting, and yarncrafting.

In the podcast episode, “Yarncrafting with Kids,” we were joined by technical editor Jackie from the Design Department to talk about teaching kids. Here are five tips:

  1. Yarncrafting is more than just knitting & crocheting. Pom poms, tassles, and craft projects are a good way to get even young children experimenting with yarn. Check out our craft patterns for more ideas.
  2. Think about the materials. Children (as well as most beginners) will knit/crochet tightly, so you may want to give them needles/hooks that are a little bit larger than what is normally recommended for the yarn. Pick needles/hooks that are an easy to work with size (Speed Stix & Speed Hook may be too big for kids!) and yarn that is light in color so that it’s easy to see individual stitches. Variegated yarn can be helpful so that you can point out individual stitches by color — Jiffy Thick & Quick can be a good choice for kids.
  3. Don’t worry about what they’re making. Let them knit, crochet, loom-knit, or weave for a little bit. That rectangle of material can be sewn up into a coin purse, used as a trivet, given to a doll as a blanket. Even just making chains can be a really satisfying experience for kids.
  4. Help them start the project. Casting on or working into the first chain are some of the most difficult skills for beginners, so you may want to do the first row for them both to demonstrate the skill, and also so they don’t get frustrated.
  5. Get to know their learning styles. While some children may learn better watching, others learn better with diagrams, while others learn better by listening to explanations. Getting a feel for their learning styles will make it easier for you to explain things in the most effective way.

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For more ideas, check out the podcast every other Tuesday by visiting YarnCraft.LionBrand.com or sign up for BK4K, our monthly newsletter for kids and those who yarncraft with them!

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  • I have always loved Lion Brand yarn as well as your website. I’m always on the lookout for free crochet patterns and you offer many.
    One thing I have found is that Homespun makes a great alternative to Light & Lofty. It is much easier to work with and the color selection is wonderful.
    Anyway, thank you for great products and an equally great website.

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  • hello my knitting friends the kids
    are doing every good with there
    knitting it’s so good to see the
    kids kintting tall them annette
    is proud of them god bless you

  • i love your ideas and patterns because i love crocheting

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