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Get Crafty with Mama in a Stitch! +8 Patterns

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In the beginning of 2018, we welcomed the wonderful crafters who design with us to New York City for a Blogger Bash! One of those in attendance was the inspiring Jessica Potasz of Mama in a Stitch, the creative force behind some of your favorite Lion Brand kits. Knit, crochet, and other artsy things, Mama in a Stitch can do it all! Read on to get to know Jessica and learn about her crafting journey.

The Mama Behind Mama in a Stitch

At Home with Yarn

Jessica has loved crafting since she could remember. From the coloring books of her childhood, to painting and sewing as an adult, it has always been a source of joy. Four years ago, after the birth of her daughter, she became infatuated with yarn. She’d taught Special Education, and was looking for a creative hobby to add to mommyhood, and yarn-crafting was a perfect fit. She began making cute items for her little girl and friends, setting her down the path for Mama in a Stitch to be born.

Jessica’s all-time favorite yarn? Wool-Ease Thick & Quick!

How does a blogger learn to craft?

Jessica’s first knit and crochet teacher? YouTube! She laughs, sharing how she almost threw in her needles when she tried to pick up knitting from a book. Thank goodness she found a ‘How to Crochet’ video. After the lucky stroke of that YouTube search, she’s been crafting ever since. “I’m totally obsessed,” she says, “obviously.”

Mama in a Stitch Breaks the Mold

After trying 1 or 2 written patterns, Jessica became curious about making her own. She wanted to make fingerless gloves for her brother for Christmas, and just couldn’t find a pattern that was right. She wanted to knit flat, and realized she’d have to create the design herself! To her surprise, it worked, and the mittens turned out great. She began designing whatever ideas came to mind, creating the patterns as she went.

Her Crafting Process

Most of the time Jessica likes to be spontaneous. She gets an idea in her head, pops over to the craft store for supplies, and has something worked up within a week or two. She says, “my mind is constantly thinking about what I’d like to create next!” Occasionally, she does plan projects in advance. In those cases, she’s thinking about what color and style will be on trend for a few months from now.

Her Inspirations

Mama in a Stitch is most inspired by the natural world around her, describing herself as ‘a total nature nerd’. Stating, “I find color inspiration from my outdoor surroundings.” She also draws on timeless fashion ideas, opting for elements that are always in style. She might see a sweater in a store, for example, but imagine using the stitch on a blanket instead. Jessica also keeps an eye on what’s popular online and in stores, as well.

Writer’s Block

While it’s rare, Jessica has encountered ‘pattern-writer’s block’ before. The design process is a whirlwind of fun, but when it’s time to sit down and write it out things get a bit tricky. Calculating yarn amounts and sizing takes concentration – for this part, Jessica needs total silence. Her happy place is the floor of her yarn room, surrounded by skeins, in “cozy clothes and slippers of course!” She daydreams of patterns magically writing themselves.

The Best Part of Blogging

For Jessica, the biggest dream was for other crafters to work up her projects. “The best part about what I do,” she writes, “is seeing folks make something for themselves or others from something I created.” As for creating kits with Lion Brand? “Beyond my wildest dreams!” Next on her bucket list: having Oprah craft one of her projects. We haven’t heard if Oprah’s knitting or crocheting these days, but one can hope! Jessica interviewed Katherine Heigl about her knitting, and would love to see Katherine or another celeb share a photo of one of her designs.

Patterns by Mama in a Stitch

2 of Jessica’s Favorite Patterns

Included in Jessica’s all-time favorite patterns is one of her first: a Knit Bunny Hat she made her daughter. You can find the pattern on her website. Another favorite is her Cascading Kimono Cardigan. (This design is available as a Lion Brand crochet kit.) The variety of stitches are surprisingly easy to achieve, and this is a great transitional piece for your wardrobe.

2 Ponchos to Crochet

The Driftwood Over-Sized Hooded Poncho (Crochet Kit) (also pictured earlier in the blog), can be seen here with its cozy hood. A perfect design for a day of traipsing outdoors in cooler weather. The Light Alpaca Poncho Pattern is another crochet kit, using our Touch of Alpaca Bonus Bundle. That detail around the hemline!

3 More Kits, to Knit or Crochet

Jessica’s Icelandic Chunky Crochet Lapghan Kit is a cozy project for a cold day. It’s worked up in her favorite yarn, Wool-Ease Thick & Quick. The Light Frost Easy Blanket Sweater is a crochet kit using our ever-popular Scarfie in Cream/Silver. The Big Knit Half Fisherman Rib Scarf (Knit Kit) is another chunky vanilla creation, and another Wool-Ease Thick & Quick project! She wasn’t kidding when she said it was her favorite.

Get Crafty

Cast on or crochet with Jessica! All her kits with Lion Brand can be found on her designer page. If you’ve worked one of her patterns before, let us know in the comments what you made, and what you loved about it. You can find Jessica on Instagram as @mamainastitch; follow along with her to catch all the crafty fun.

Written with Jessica Potasz of Mama in a Stitch.

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  • I love all of Jessica’s patterns, I love Wool-Ease Thick n Quick too. It works up so fast. I always look forward to seeing her designs, they are simply beautiful.

  • I absolutely LOVE Jess’s patterns! I am in the middle of working on the Touch of Alpaca poncho right now. The thing I enjoy the most about Mama in a Stitch is that her sweater/poncho patterns are always stylish, wearable, not too difficult, and being able to order the kits from Lion Brand’s website makes the process so easy…not too mention affordable! Thank you so much and keep up the great work! 🙂

  • I have followed you for sometime & am always in awe of all your creative juices. You always seem to put up something that a novice to a pro. can make. Thanks for sharing all your creativity with us.:)

  • I am on my third cascading kimono; made the second in Lion Brand Scarfie charcoal and magenta; magnificent pattern for this yarn; have gotten many compliments. thank you.

  • I have made several of Jessicas designs. I love each one. But probably the most loved is her hooded shawl free pattern. Recently, a dear friend lost her soul mate. A horrific loss especially when one is Alone in a relatively new location. I saw the design and immediately knew I had to make this for my friend. A hug from Across the country to let her know she was loved and to maybe bring her comfort at her time of sorrow. I used Lion Brand Woolease thick and quick in black for the shawl with a carryalong variegated yarn for glimpses of color and light. This design not only has given her comfort and love , but the hood gives her a hiding place for her tears,. Her comment, not mine. So Thank you Jessica for a wonderful design and Thank you Lion Brand for showcasing her and for your wonderful yarns.

  • Jessica’s patterns are Great! Currently making the Alpaca poncho and have yarn purchased to make the cascading kimono.
    The patterns are easy and cvurrent.

  • Love your designs, not too keen on the ponchos and the loose ones, I made the topcho and it came out fabulous with Mandala yarn. I’m in the making of starting the campfire cardigan. Keep up with your great ideas.

  • I recently made the Cascading Kimono Cardigan (Crochet) by Jessica, and I love it, it turned out perfect. I will definitely try another of her patterns. Thanks so much Lion Brand for sharing Jessica with us.

  • All of Jessica’s patterns are easy to follow and fun to do. I enjoyed making her Icelandic Chunky Crochet Lapghan with Lion Brand’s Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn. It’s so soft and easy to get comfy with. I’m going to try one of her poncho’s next and can’t wait to get started. Jessica’s “Mama in a Stitch” website is the best! She provides not only patterns but lots of extra’s like new stitches, sizing charts and great reference photo’s. I’m always excited to see what her next new pattern will be.

  • two ponchos that go all the below the seat, but are crochet patterns. Is there a knit pattern that is similar? I want a poncho or sleeveless vest that is very long in back. Hope you have one that is not too costly. I am 91, retired, and want to make this for the mommy of my great-grandson! Thank you.

  • vest or poncho

  • I just finished crocheting one of your patterns; the Softest Lounge Pullover – AND loved the pattern and the yarn (Feels Like Butta) by Lionbrand.

    The top looks fantastic on me (if I do say so myself) and is so comfortable! Thank you for sharing your patterns so freely with us!

  • I’m. regular visitor to MaMa In a Stitch! I love her patterns….have made the Light Frost Blanket Sweater x 2. Though an easy pattern, it’s a great way to transition from making straight blankets and Granny Squares to clothing.
    Thanks to Jessica and Lion Brand for great kits! I’ll be a fan as long as Jessica’s web site keeps going!

  • I love all of the patterns from MaMa in a Stitch! I have done quite a few of Jessica’s patterns. I’m getting ready to start the Light Alpaca Poncho and also have the Cuddly Quick Knit Throw on my needles. I made two of the Telluride Easy Knit Kimonas also. The Merino Ruffled scarf and I know there are more. 🙂

  • I live Jessica’s work. They are doable and don’t put me off. I can’t do them as fast as she can though. I appreciate her taking time to inspire us.

  • I read Jessica’s newsletter and blog regularly. I enjoy her down-to-earth personality and approach so much. I’m currently knitting the kimono sweater and her clear instructions are very much appreciated as a novice knitter.

  • Love these patterns. I am an advanced knitter but a novice at crochet yet I am actually making the light frost blanket sweater.I have fallen in love with Lion Scarfie too. Feels way more expensive than it is and the colors are great.

  • Love the patterns from Jessica❤️

  • I lOVE Jessica’s patterns, and she seems like such a nice person, bonus! So happy she has affiliated with Lion Brand. I’ve been following her pretty much since day 1 of her blog. Highly recommend!

  • I love Jessica’s patterns and Lion Brand Yarn. All her patterns are beautiful, but not difficult.

  • Love Jessica’s simple, yet creative crochet patterns and her choice of lovely neutral tones. I made her Mod Heirloom Blanket for my Granddaughter’s 16th birthday and it is destined to become a true heirloom one day. While I haven’t made another one yet, I’m sure I will. In the meantime it has inspired me to create my own patterns for what will hopefully be a couple more “heirloom” blankets. Can’t wait to make her Icelandic Chunky Crochet Lapghan. I don’t know how I found her website but am so happy I did!

  • I made the Light Alpaca Poncho kit and love how it turned out. I did add a large button on each side a little above the waist area. Now I want to get the Azul-V Mesh Poncho kit to make.

    Thank you for sharing the patterns.

  • Love Jessica’s patterns. I’m a beginner and she has inspired me. I can’t get over the wonderful yarns that are available now.

  • I have crocheted the merino ruffled scarf for 4 of my close friends. I enjoyed the creation of the scarves and they are enjoying the results. I’m going to work on the checked afghan next. Keep up the good work!!

  • I found Jessica by accident on Pinterest and have been a fan ever since! Love her patterns. Very easy to follow. Also love Lion Brand yarn. It is my favorite over all other brands. Right now Jean’s yarn is my favorite.

  • I found recently Jessica site and I’m very happy because her explanations and photos are the clearest I found on web ! Well done !

  • Been following Mama in a Stitch for a while now and absolutely love her aesthetic! What attracted me in the first place was that her patterns are fairly simple, but seem so modern and youthful at the same time. I’ve been knitting and crocheting for over 50 years but don’t particularly like things that look “ grandma-ish”. Jessica’s use of yarn and her color choices make her creations fresh and timeless. I’m a huge fan of Mama in a Stitch and Lion Brand as well!

  • I am an ardent Mama In A Stitch follower. I just finished Jessica’s Serenity Shawl (blanket). This project is easy, comfortable, practical and just plain cute! My thanks go out to “Mama” and to Lion Brand for their support.

  • I love these patterns. I made the light frost easy blanket sweater for my mom and she loves it! And she gets tons of compliments on it. I’m now working on one for myself. I have made a few of Jessica’s patterns and they seem simple and straight forward which is a huge bonus for a busy full time working mom of two who loves to knit and crochet.

  • I love Jessica’s website Mama in a Stitch and eagerly await her new crochet patterns. Her patterns are clearly written with intricate stitch design that appear much more difficult to crochet than they actually are..
    After many years of on and off crocheting, I’m finally making my first sweater. I’m making the Light Frost Easy Blanket Sweater with the Lion Brand Scarfy yarn. It’s turning out beautifully!

  • A month ago, I spontaneously decided to pick up crocheting. I remember learning how as a kid and loving it. I started with a few coasters and washcloths. I started searching for blanket ideas and that’s when I found Jessica’s blog. I could not stop looking at her Icelandic Chunky bloanket. Last weekend I picked up Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman & Kale. I just finished it this morning and starting a new one in Grass & Mesquite tomorrow! Thank you Jessica for giving me the inspiration to begin my new journey and can’t wait to try your other patterns!!

  • Thank you for these beautiful patterns The kits are affordable and your designs are so up to date and beautiful

  • I love browsing through Jessica’s website after a hectic day. It’s like a mini-get away for me. Not only are Jessica’s patterns beautiful, but her directions are clear and easy to follow. I recently made two Smokey Mountain triangle wraps for gifts. I’m starting the Kimono Wrap for myself and the Market Tote, and Bucket Bag are in my future.
    Keep those beautiful patterns coming Jessica. You are an inspiration!

  • I absolutely Love Jessica’s website! Love her patterns, so easy to follow! Always an inspiration!

  • I accidently found momma in a stitch and as everyone has said I am so glad I did! She is truely artistic and has been so generous with her talent. So happy for her being appreciated the way she deserves.. Her patterns are beautiful, functional, stylish and easy to follow. I do wish she would do more knitting patterns though. I am making her easy shawl pattern with the Lion brand Baby Mandela yarn.. it is going to be gorgeous!

  • I love Jessica’s patterns. They are easy to read and work up beautifully.

  • Stylist easy patterns, things you not only want to wear but everyone you meet will ask you where you purchased it!! Thanks Jessica!!!

  • Jessica, Just want to say how much I enjoy your blog and your designs. So many great ideas and inspiration will be sending my needles flying!! Keep up the great work!!

  • I love your different patterns that you have created. I can just imagine what they would look like on different one in my family one of these days.

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