Breaking Ground for The Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City

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Breaking Ground for The Lion Brand Yarn Studio in New York City

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Lion Brand Yarn Studio

It’s been a dream of mine for over 10 years–to have a flagship store, a studio space at our Manhattan location, where we can display our yarns and inspire customers with our images and garments in a way that truly reflects the Lion Brand vision. My goal is for it to become the center of the yarn universe.

Here is the facade of the building under construction. We’ll be telling you more as time goes on. Since we do want it to be a surprise until we have our grand opening, peeks will be limited. But, as a reader of this blog, you’ll be offered a few exclusive preview days before we open to the general public. Watch this blog and look for announcements in our newsletter in September.

In all of New York City, there are so few places to buy Lion Brand, we think you’ll enjoy the opportunity to purchase our yarns when you’re here. But there will be so much more to the Lion Yarn Studio. There will be classes, book signings, fashion shows and more! I am truly excited.

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  • YAY! I know the store will probably be the center of MY universe! 😉 Currently I go to 3 different yarn stores to shop for my favorite Lion Brand yarns. The idea that I can see it all in one place and in Union Square no less is simply wonderful.

  • This is fabulous! It is not so easy to find my favorite Lion Brand yarns in Manhattan. And in my neighborhood no less! I am delighted!


  • I think I may have just found the perfect reason to visit New York City. What a wonderful idea to have a showcase for truly wonderful products. Lion Brand is doing a great job fostering a sense of community among its users. The website, blogs, newsletter and podcast contribute to that feeling and having a physical site to visit will be an added bonus. Congratulations on great ideas.

  • I passed this the other day. If the real store is anywhere near as cute and funky as this little construction appears, then I’m looking forward to something pretty cool. Congrats.

  • I am so excited! I’m a huge Lion Brand fan and I can not wait for the new studio to open. Finally I will be able to find all the yarns in one place and won’t have to keep running between Michael’s and AC Moore. Yeah!

  • I am so glad to see you are coming to Manhattan. Too often the stores do not carry the full palette of colors or only carry certian of the yarns. This will be a great addition to the Manhattan scene. I work in Manhattan and live in New Jersey, so I am most likely to come to the shop after work. Please consider being open for evening hours for myself and others in my situation.

  • can anyone tell me what street this is on?

  • It is on 15th Street, near Union Square.

  • Oh wow! No, I don’t live in NYC, and I have plenty of access to Lion Brand near the Chicago area. However, NYC is my favorite city and I love to visit. This gives me one more reason to plan a trip soon! Love the Union Square area as well.

  • I was told about this wonderful dream come true for you and all your Lion Brand admirers a few months ago and I am eagerly awaiting the GRand Opening !!! Please send me an invite and I will be there !!! I am always a promoter of your fabulous YARN!!!! Mazel Tov !!!
    Shelley Senker

  • Please send me an invite as well. I am so looking forward to the grand opening. Yipee!!!

  • It’s about time. I expected to find dozens of yarn stores in NYC like sushi restaurants and everything else that is duplicated over and over. Finally located a really nice shop while on a walking tour of the SoHo area. Others I found were located in the upper floors of buildings – not street level. This will be a wonderful addition to the NYC street scene! Hope it’s open in time for my next visit Columbus Day week.

  • I am a Portland, OR knitter and will be visiting my daughter in NYC the week of Oct. 13, 2008. When is the grand opening? I would like to add you to my list of things to do while in the city. I would love an email invite or notification. Thanks and best of luck!

    Zontee says: Hi Gerri, our official grand opening will be in November, but we will have some preview days in October. If you’re subscriber of our e-newsletter, you’ll definitely get an e-mail invitation.

  • I was so surprised when I read in Liondesign 2008 that you will be opening a store in NYC. I am so happy and can’t wait until the grand opening. Please include my email for the announcement. I will be there with my hook in hand.

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  • I just received a copy of your latest yarn magazine what wonderful things to choose from and start my next project…..and BRAVO to think that LBY will have a great speciality store to purchase your wonderful yarns and books, etc. PLEASE INVITE ME TOO AND LET US KNOW WHEN THIS STORE WILL OPEN…THE SUSPENSE IS TOO MUCH.

    Phyllis Ponzo

  • Pretty excited about the new LB Store…As I understand the opening is November 18th. Is that date firm? I am planning to come by bus from Baltimore and I want to make sure I schedule my trip for the correct day.

    Counting down…

    Zontee says: Hi Christine, that’s correct. It opens Nov. 18th.

  • So happy you will be opening a store in NYC. Hope to find great classes and ideas there. Excited to see the yarns in one place. Not just bits and pieces in the other stores. Can’t wait for the big reveal!!! YAH!!!!

  • I have lived in California for the past 30 years but am born and raised in New York, just outside of NYC. My husband and I go back often since we have our daughters and grandchildren there. We still love the fast pace as well as the NY style and attitude (very friendly.)

    I’m so glad that Lion Brand is opening a store in the City but I did not see the address; is it Mid-, Updtown, or downtown; East or West side, the garment district, etc? Please let me know as we may be going back in mid December to see our daughters and beautiful grandchildren.


    Zontee says: Hi Helen, the Studio is on 15th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. We look forward to your visit!

  • I live nearby and have been watching the progress, peering through the holes in the paper on the glass and am SO excited! I make petwear and only use your yarn because it washes so well. I often run out of a color and have to take a bus ride only to find they’re out of stock. This will be terrific for me. Thank you so much for opening this store. I will be like a kid in a candy store. This is what I always hoped for when I’d drop in the factory for swatches and brochures. Good luck; I know you’ll thrive here!!!

  • NYC really needs a great yarn store and related items. When we lived in Brooklyn I had never seen Lion Brand. Please don’t forget those of us who crochet with those classes and workshops. I hope to get there over the winter. I love Lion Brand yarn-woolease (worsted weight) and homespun are continuous favorites.

    Zontee says: Hi Pat, we will absolutely have classes and workshops for crocheters, and you can always stop by for help on your crochet projects!

  • Random question: I was told to start a blog so that my clients or potential clients could connect with me, I am a photographer. Do you find that happening with your readers?

  • Fashion, fashion and and more fashion! That’s the spirit keep it up.

  • congrats and all the best with the store opening.

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