Hat Sizing Guide: Get The Right Fit

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Hat Sizing Guide: Get The Right Fit

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Knowing what size hat to make can be confusing, especially if the intended item is a gift. Bookmark our handy hat sizing guide below for easy reference later!

Hat Sizing Guide
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  • Where is the guide

  • Thank you so much for this!

  • would be nice if you provided a free pattern for each option.

  • Hat Sizing Guide today 10/1/19 suggest: adding more info, like “sizes are circumference around” and then also adding normal HEIGHTS for hats for different sizes shown too. Thank you!

  • At making. Premie hats

  • Anyone can measure a head. A good guide would detail approximately how many starting stitches, depending on yarn weight/gauge, would be required for each size.

  • Regarding guide for hat sizes. That’s not even a proper size guide. .

  • Thank you!!

  • are the sizes going witch way

    • They measure the circumference.

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