#HatNotHate: Deadline Extended to September 1!

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#HatNotHate: Deadline Extended to September 1!

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Have you been following along with Hat Not Hate? If you have then you know HNH is Lion Brand’s anti bullying campaign. In this second year we have a goal of collecting 25,000 blue hats (blue is the official anti-bullying color). You can help us get there by sending in your blue hats to the address below by September 1, 2019.

Please feel free to use any blue yarn and hat pattern, but if you need some inspiration you can visit HatNotHate.org.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Blue Hat Donations Can Be Mailed to:

Lion Brand Yarn Co.
140 Kero Road
Carlstadt, NJ 07072

Connect with #HatNotHate on Facebook and Instagram

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  • Wonderful way to shout without speaking. Going to look for blue yarn today, I know I am late learning about this, hope project continues next year!

  • Glad you have ext4ended the deadline for our blue hats. Hope you received the 2 humble crocheted hats
    I set you at the end of July.

    How many have you already collected?

    Would appreciate knowing which schools benefit from your project.

    Frances Dolph

    • over 16,000 so far! We will be posting an updated count on Instagram this week!

  • Yesterday I was on the bus. I had the tote bag I made from Fast Track with me. Another woman got on the bus, sat across from me. Said she liked my bag. I said thanks I made it. She saw me crocheting a baby blanket. She changed her seat to sit next to me. She asked me who it was for. i said I didn’t know. She told me how on local cable TV she saw that there is a local organization donating baby blankets. I said thanks for the information. she started knitting a hat. I told her about #Hat Not Hate. she seemed interested.

    Now I have a new friend.

  • Is there a pattern for Hats Not Hate? i’m late reading about it but there’s still time to make one or two hats.

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